Online Event – Virtual Pet Congress January 17, 2015

bannerThis Saturday (Tomorrow) Pet Webinars is putting on a virtual pet congress where you can learn about so many different animal things! There are webinars for cats, dogs, reptiles, rabbits & guinea pigs! Did I mention all you need is to register (FOR FREE) and have a computer with internet to participate! Check out our Interview with Anthony who tells us all about what you can expect!

10455403_382368171931250_7352697302798570162_n *Who is filling out this interview?
Anthony Chadwick MRCVS

*What is the name of your company?
Pet Webinars

*How long have you been with them and what is your position?
Founder, I started Pet Webinars in 2012, and this will be our first Virtual Pet Congress.

*Why was it started?
As a practicing veterinary surgeon I was scared at the amount of bad and sometimes dangerous information on pet health topics that can be found online. I previously revolutionized online training for vets using a live online presentation system and I decided to try the same for pet owners. All our information is presented by vets, so you can be sure that it is accurate, and won’t cause your pet any harm.

*What is a Virtual Pet Congress?
With technology now, it is possible to stream live presentations and audio direct to your computer or tablet across the internet. So Virtual Pet Congress is just like the presentations you’d go to in real life at big conference centers, except you do not need to travel and can watch the comfort of your own home regardless of the country you are in.

This is the first entire day of online pet presentations that has ever been done, and we have 10 amazing speakers presenting on topics from cats and reptiles through to dogs and rabbits!

Pet-Congress*What is happening on the Virtual Pet Congress 2015?
We have split the Virtual Pet Congress into 5 sessions throughout the day to make it easy for you to attend the topics that are interesting to you. We have sessions on cats, reptiles, dogs and rabbits/guinea pigs. Each topic has been chosen to be as useful as possible to you, and will generally cover recognizing problems, how to prevent them and then the potential treatment options out there.

The first session is cats where we are looking at two very common problems, toothache and dental disease followed by itchy skin (which isn’t always shown by scratching).


Second session is all about reptiles. We have a really special presentation here all about reptile eyes and problems that you may see with them by the UK’s leading reptile eye specialist at Cambridge Vet School. This is followed by a very important topic for captive reptiles with our regular reptile vet talking about the different types of parasites you may see, and how these should be treated.

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The third and fourth sessions are all about dogs. We have 4 great specialist vets to talk about important topics relating to your pet dog. Third session we join a specialist surgeon live from the USA to learn about twisted stomach (GDV) in dogs, how to recognize it and prevention. We then come back to the UK for a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist to discuss the common problems in dog’s eyes, and how to recognize them. The fourth session here we have a lecture from a behavior specialist on preventing behavior problems in dogs which is important as prevention is always better than cure. We then head back to the USA to learn all about the immune system from a specialist vet.

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The fifth and last session is all about rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. We have two of best rabbit vets in the country giving presentations here, the first of which is about a very dangerous yet very common parasite that affects rabbits called E. cuniculi. The second presentation however is more general and will cover first aid for smaller animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla’s along with the principles that can be applied to other small animals.


*When is it taking place?
Saturday 17th January 2015 – 9am GMT – 7pm GMT

*How can people register?
Online at

*What is the approx. cost?

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