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Confessions of a Rescue Mom had the chance to review an adorable children’s book called; Watermelon Party. Which is based on a true event that took place at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Midway, Arkansas. This book is a must have for every children’s collection and of course every animal lovers bookcase!

We also did an author interview with Jasmine last week, to check it out; CLICK HERE

Title: Watermelon Party
Author: Jasmine June Cabanaw
Published By: Green Bamboo Publishing
Cost: Soft Cover: $10, +shipping & Hard Cover: $15, +shipping.
Sponsor Package: $45 that includes a hard cover book, a print, a book mark, a post card, and 12 months of digital info-cards that are about each of the animals.

Where to Purchase:
Special Feature: The majority of the proceeds from this book are donated to the staring rescue; Rocky Ridge Refuge (

IMG_8602*What is the message of the story?
Just as the back of the book suggests, the message of the story is very clear. “It’s about friendship, love, animal rescue and good old summertime fun. All of the animals shared this juicy watermelon despite their species & sizes.” HOW ADORABLE!

*What do you like most about the illustrations?
I love how on the left hand side of the page are footprints that match the animals they are talking about on the right hand side of the page.

*Do the illustrations go with the wording on the pages?
They absolutely do!

*What is your favorite part of the book?
My favorite part of the book is the ending where all the animals who joined into the watermelon party are standing around the watermelon smiling.

*What is your favorite line in the book?
“Than Barcode the zebra squeezed her self in, ate her fill until, burp, burp, burp”
IMG_8605                    (Above; Rolo gives his stamp of approval)

*Would your recommend this book to anyone? and who?
Yes of course! I think this book can be suited to anyone; a baby learning about animals; as this book features a bunch of them, a child just learning how to read and of course this is a great addition to any animal lovers bookcase or someone just wanting to make a difference by supporting this great fundraiser for Rocky Ridge Refuge.

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  1. Karen GIFFORD says:

    Loved the book, so well done! And I am so appreciative of the intent and follow through of the author, Jasmine, who was inspired like we all are by the wonderful work that Janice Wolf is doing at her animal rescue Rocky Ridge Refuge. Her tireless and dedicated mission to save the less fortunate animals of all species and teach them to take care of one another in their healing is a priceless lesson for every child or adult to witness. Read this book to your loved ones!!!

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