Book Review – Sadie & The Superstars

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We got the chance to interview Sadie & her mom the other day to find out more about Sadie and her past. Sadie has a book called Sadie & the Superstars that was just released December 21, 2014. Being a mom of a dog with special needs (Canine Epilepsy) this book really pulls at my heartstrings. I had the privilege of reviewing their new book for them. Check out our review below.

Title: Sadie & The Superstars
Author(s): Joal Derse Dauer and Allison Schley
Illustrator: Gary Richter
Cost: ~ $15.00
Where to Purchase:, & Amazon

**We also did a author interview with Joal which you can read by CLICKING HERE and the interview we did all about Sadie by CLICKING HERE

What age would be appropriate to read this?
Sadie & The Superstars would be a great learning how to read book along with some help from someone older for a few of the bigger words. It’s also suitable for kids at any age as well as animal lovers. This book has a great story line and teaches a great concept of not “judging a book by its cover”.

What do I like about the illustrations?
I love that they are colorful and in the photos when Sadie or Dexter are happy there are little marks around their tails to show that they are wagging.

Do the illustrations go with the writing on the page?
Yes they do.

Does the story have a message?
As Joal wrote in the author spotlight interview, its about acceptance of animals & humans whoa re special needs. I completely agree with this I also think its about not judging a book by its cover.

Is the cost of the book worth it?
100%. The cover & back are glossy & thick. The printing is clear and the photos are colorful.

What is my favorite part of the book?
When Matt, Zach & Dexter thought Joal looked lonely and went over to say Hi and ask about Sadie.

Favorite line in the book?
“Let’s call our team Sadie’s Superstars”

Target Audience?
Kids & Animal Lovers.

Rolo gives the “Paw Of Approval” to Sadie & The Superstars

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