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liebster-awardFirst off we want to thank K9s Over Coffee for nominating us for the Liebster Award! You can follow them by visiting these pages:
K9s-over-coffee_rgbWe also are nominating 8 other blogs for this awards and are asking them 11 questions that we want to know.

11 Questions For Nominees From K9sOverCoffee
1. What is your & your pup’s favorite outdoorsy activity & why?

I think our favorite outdoorsy thing to do is go camping. Rolo loves spending time outside in the summer and no better place than at the camper.

2. Does your pup have a favorite sleeping position?
For naps he sleeps on his belly with his chin on the floor and at night-time he sleeps on his side.
3. Have you had any crazy vet expenses?
No crazy vet experiences except last time when Rolo was getting his 6 month blood test for his Canine Epilepsy it took about 15 tries to find a vein to get the blood from. They tried his legs, neck and arm. Finally after so many pokes a vein cooperated. It was traumatizing for me to watch him.

4. What are your thoughts on dog insurance ~ yay or nay?

I think dog insurance is a great idea especially with getting a puppy. I haven’t got it because Rolo’s conditions are existing and isn’t covered by any of the ones I have found.

5. Do you feed raw food or have you considered it?
I feed Rolo Natural Balance dog food as well as people food and a variety of treats. I haven’t considered raw food.

6. If you use specific poop bags ~ do you have a favorite brand? (we love Mutt Mitts)

We mainly use earth rated poop bags, I love the little clippy containers that come with them.

7. What brought you to the blogging world (other than your pawsome pup)?
Rolo and I started Confessions of a Rescue Mom initially to help our his former shelter with getting more involved with social media. We grew so rapidly that we now feature shelters all around the world. We also started the blog to let others know of Rolo’s story in hopes of maybe it will enlighten people on adopting an animal with special needs and also one who needed a lot of work to open up to our family. (Rolo didn’t even like ME! when we first got him and it took a good few months before he would even show interest)

8. Does your K9 have a feline best friend?
Rolo hasn’t met to many cats as we(hubby & I) are allergic, but if I had to pick one it would be his furcousin PineCone.

9. What does your perfect Saturday (or other day off) look like?
I spend alot of time sitting on the floor with Rolo in the living room. We eat breakfast, catch up on some social media, work on a few tricks, go for a walk, get the mail and go on an outing somewhere.

10. Does your pup like his paws handled?
He doesn’t mind it. Getting his nails cut on the other hand he hates.

11. Do you indulge in doggie kisses?
Sadly Rolo doesn’t give kisses. He lived a very weird & odd life before joining our family. He doesn’t play with toys, bark, hates being on furniture, doesn’t swim and doesn’t give kisses. Were working on all of that though :)

11 Random Facts About Myself & Rolo
1. I’ve been a vegetarian for over half my life(since grade 9)!
2. I am deathly scared of the ocean and despise going into it, unless its only my feet
3. I have 2 animal related tattoos. A memorial for my childhood dog on my foot and a paw print with the word Forever on my shoulder-blade.
4. I would do anything for my family & dog.
5. I am very overprotective of Rolo.
6. Rolo has Canine Epilepsy
7. Rolo is a certified pet therapy dog
8. My dream in life is to be a full-time blogger and also own my own pet daycare complete with boutique, spa, boarding and hosts weekly adoption events & shelter fundraisers.
9. Surprisingly for how bubbly I am in person, I am a nervous wreck while public speaking.
10. In my life I have owned; a rat, 4 dogs, a rabbit and various fish.
11. Rolo is deathly scared of baths & when the house creaks at night.

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11 Questions for our Nominees from Confessions of a Rescue Mom:
1. Why do you think adopting a pet can better this world?
2. What’s your most memorable day you have had with your pet(s)?
3. What are your pet(s) name(s)? and why did you pick them?
4. What got you into blogging?
5. Any advice for some newbie bloggers?
6. What’s your pet(s) favorite treat?
7. If you could take your pet(s) anywhere, where in the world would you take them and why?
8. Why is Spay & Neuter important to you?
9. Does your pet(s) swim (Rolo doesn’t know how to…yet)?
10. Does your pet(s) get any types of supplements? Rolo takes: Milk Thistle, Coconut Oil, Glucosamine & Chondrin as of now.
11.What’s your biggest tip you could share with a first time pet owner?

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10 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Jen Jelly says:

    Congrats on the award, I think it’s well deserved :) I really need to take Laika camping, I think she’d get a kick out of it. I hope you get to do this full time and open up your own doggie day care, I think both are brilliant ideas.

  2. Barbara Rivers says:

    I had been looking forward to your Liebster Post & very much enjoyed learning more about your pack :-) Sadly, my hubby is also extremely allergic to cats, so our pups will never have any feline siblings either. What a bummer, as I love kitties, too! By the way, what an awesome name is PineCone?! Love it!!

    • Kimberley says:

      im not really sure where pinecone got her name, it sure is interesting. I always take benydryl when going into the cat room at our local shelter too.

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