February is Pet Dental Health Month – Do you Brush?


Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month and because of that we wanted to share some tips and stories on how you can keep your pets teeth in tip top shape. Feel free to share your experiences & tips with us on our facebook wall: http://www.facebook.com/rescuemomblog

When we adopted Rolo he had some horrible teeth. Some vets believed to think he liked to chew rocks because a lot of them had chips taken out of them but I believe as he doesn’t have any interest in toys what so ever that as he had a seizure some of them chipped as his jaw was chattering. Roots were also showing on a few of his top & bottom front teeth and he also had a back tooth that was cracked in half. After an extensive vet bill and day at the vet clinic he came home with some less teeth, a little groggy but he would be feeling great in no time!

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At home we partake in a few ways to keep Rolos teeth free of tartar and healthy. His most favorite way to keep his teeth in great shape would have to be eating dental treats! We switch up the dental lines all the time and these two are ones we happened to have in the cupboard at this time. Milkbone Brushing Chews & Minties Dental Treats are the treats featured below. Rolo enjoys both of them and I love them because they are a lot easier than trying to brush his teeth.

Rolo does own a toothbrush but I am guilty of not doing it all the time but there are other things that I do to make up for it like; Rolo gets coconut oil on his dog food every morning — to also help with his joints as well. Have you ever heard or even tried oil pulling? I learned about it on a beauty blog for humans a while back and tried it myself. As I was learning about it I learned that way back in the day (in the Egyptian period) as dentists were for the wealthy & higher class, most people couldn’t afford to go to them so they did oil pulling (google it, its pretty neat and I have tried it).

Rolo loves eating coconut oil and he would rather eat it than brushing his teeth. I have actually heard of people brushing dogs teeth with it but I haven’t tried that yet? Have you?  His front teeth are easy to get at its just the back ones that he doesn’t like me getting.

Another thing Rolo loves to do to keep his teeth nice is eating giant bones. Someone always drops big (I am assuming cow? as I have no idea I’m a vegetarian ) legs off at work for the dogs to enjoy. He acts like a vulture when he gets one.

Feel free to share with us some things you do to keep your pets teeth healthy :) VIA or social media accounts below :)

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  1. Ann "Paws" Staub says:

    I still have never tried coconut oil for Shiner but have heard it works well. Mostly, Shiner likes her dental chews and chew toys. I also brush her teeth when I can remember to.

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