Pet Product Review – Portland Pullover by Gold Paw Series

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Today’s blog post is a pet product review on something we are so excited to share with you! The Portland Pullover made by Gold Paw Series. Rolo loves me so much that he doesn’t mind wearing costumes, or accessories as long as he gets a treat reward, but I have never actually put a “dog” jacket/sweater on him before! Once I did lend him a flash-dance like sweater for a slumber party but it was made for humans and not dogs. Rolo is a big guy, a 100lb husky shepherd so a lot of the times I actually make his costumes or customize ones we purchase because he has a weird body type for a shepherd. Hes wide, short and has a large neck.

Company:  Gold Paw Series
Item:  Portland Pullover in Camel & Eggplant
Twitter: @goldpawseries

As per the Gold Paw Series Website here is some information all about the Portland Pullover. “Our newest Gold Paw style is the Portland Pullover – a hybrid, easy-wearing style that builds on the supreme comfort of our Stretch Fleece. The design is an update of our popular Marin Pullover, now featuring a larger size range and taking advantage of our amazing BionicECO Softshell.
• BionicECO Softshell back is waterproof and dirt repellant

• Stretchy Cirrus fleece belly and neck for easy fitting
• Long shawl collar for superior coverage, even up over ears.
• No uncomfortable closures, easily slips over head
• Certified flourocarbon free – protects our waterways!
• bluesign® certified materials
• Recycled materials
• Made in the USA
Machine wash and tumble dry low or hang to dry
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Let’s start this pet product review!

Appearance & Design
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As soon as I opened up the package and felt the fleece, it was like touching a fluffy cloud (its what I imagine a cloud would feel like) and I wanted to keep it for myself! There are 2 different types of materials on this jacket; BionicECO Softshell and Stretchy Cirrus Fleece and they both feel amazing! Below is a photo of the materials used in making the Portland Pullover. The Eggplant (purple) is the BionicECO Softshell, the white is the inside of the softshell and the Camel(tan) is the Cirrus Fleece.

The Design is great! It fit Rolo so well and still allowed him to sit, stand and walk comfortably!
The arms, neck or belly were not tight, or restricting and the stretchy fleece allowed for movement. To find out your pets size, check out the sizing guide here:


Smell (if applicable)
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Taste Test by Rolo (if applicable)
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Creativity of Product
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I think the most creative part of the jacket and it also happens to be my favorite part; the neck piece. Below is a photo of the neck portion of the jacket and as you can see its kind of like a turtleneck for dogs. You can wear it up like this to cover more of their neck and possibly their ears too! Rolo has such fluffy hair on his neck that we wear it folded over like a turtle neck.

Durability (if applicable)
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Rolo has worn the jacket numerous amounts of times since we have received it and its in looks the same as when we got it, besides a few dog hairs on the inside from my never ending shedding dog.  I was so surprised with how easy it is to put on and take off too and after I pull his arm through the little arm hole, it hasn’t lost shape.


Final Thoughts:
This product is 100% Rolo approved. He stays dry, warm and comfortable when we go outside and endure the harsh winter weather in Northern Canada. The BionicECO Softshell is waterproof and acts as a barrier from snow, sleet & rain. The photos of Rolo above when he was outside were from weather that was -27C (-16.6F) plus windchill BRRR!

To get your pet its very own Portland Pullover visit the Gold Paw Series site here –>

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received  a Portland Pullover from Gold Paw Series for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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    Wow, Rolo weighs as much as Bain!

    Love the post. I have been looking for something for Bain to wear in the winter time, we also had major wind chill this year so it was extra cold. Love the jacket!

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