Rolo’s Retirement

Yesterday night Rolo and I made the difficult decision to retire as a Certified  Pet Therapy Team from PAWS Fort McMurray. We had been apart of it for a few years now and decided it was our time to let go. This summer Rolo will be spending a lot of time doing some rehab on his legs so we cannot dedicate enough time to be a Therapy Dog.

rolo2Rolo looked forward to all of his visits he did at the Northern Lights Regional Hospital & Rotary House. He loves telling his story, showing off his newly learned tricks, listening to peoples stories while they gave him treats and patted his back. Look at his smile below. He knew he was doing his job when people got excited to see him.
We want to thank Koralee.S from PAWS for all of the time and effort she puts in to making this program successful and of course her helpers who organize events, keep track of logged hours and run the social media accounts.

For anyone in Fort McMurray who is thinking about becoming a PAWS Team be sure to check out their Facebook page for information: or send them an email (address is on their Facebook page) and they would be happy to let you know when the next course is coming up and what is required to become one. It is SO rewarding being a therapy team and its something we have enjoyed doing for the past couple years.

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13 thoughts on “Rolo’s Retirement

  1. Talent Hounds says:

    He looked like a wonderful Therapy Dog. I love the PAWS and other therapy programs and believe dogs really make a difference! I wish Kilo was calm and sociable enough to try it. However sounds like the right decision to take the time to work on rehab and relax this summer. X Susie and Kilo

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