Pet Product Review – Petsafe’s Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks & Triple Chews


February happens to be Pet Dental Health Month and we have a product review to tie into that theme. Petsafe’s Indigo line has a line of dental products to help aid in keeping your pets teeth pawwfect called Indigo Fresh. Over a two day period we tested out the Dental Sticks & Triple Chews.

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Company:  Petsafe
Item:  Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks & Triple Chews
Triple Chews:
Dental Sticks:
Twitter: @petsafe

Check out this amazing info-graph chart below released by the Indigo Fresh line.


Let’s start these pet product reviews!

Appearance & Design
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The packaging is perfect. My favorite thing about it is that there is a little window in the front that shows you what the actual treats look like.  On the bottom right hand corner is a sizing chart which great as it clearly indicates that these treats are for larger breed. As I don’t know how Rolo would feel if I was to bring home little mini treats to him.

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Smell (if applicable)
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As soon as I opened up the bag I could clearly tell that there was mint in it. Which is great as you want your pets breath smelling as great as it can get! Mint does the trick!
You can see in one of the videos that we have posted on our page that Rolo was actually licking his
lips waiting for the treat.

Taste Test by Rolo (if applicable)
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I have a funny little story to tell about Rolo regarding these treats. Rolo has never done this before and It only reassures to me how much he loves these treats. Rolo gets some type of treat every morning before I go to work to keep him a little occupied and to kind of say sorry forme havig to leave for the day. Rolo and I were filming a little clip for this review (which is posted on our facebook page) and the triple chews were lasting so long that I was going to be late to head out the door and Rolo still hadn’t gone outside for his morning bathroom break. Rolo had finished most of the treat except for one of the ends of the treat. It was basically a small ball of treat at this point. I told Rolo to put it down and head downstairs with me, he didn’t drop the treat he put that whole sucker in his mouth and carried it down the stairs. I asked for the treat again, and he didn’t give it up. So I opened up the door and he took it outside to do his morning rounds. The treat did not leave his mouth as I guess he thought I was going to eat it. He did his business and sat down on the ground outside to chew away at it again (Photo Below). I called him in and he headed right back upstairs to finish the rest of his treat. This was so unlike Rolo!


Creativity of Product
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The creatitvity is through the roof! Anytime I can give Rolo something so easy as a treat to help aid in his dental care I would! Its not messy, he isn’t fussy when he has to take it, he loves the taste and his breath smells great after! I also love how the Triple Chew has a soft squishy center that reminded me of the inside of a reece’s peanut butter cup!

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Durability (if applicable)
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I was so amazed how long it took Rolo to finish off one of these treats! The Triple Chew lasted a little longer as it is a bigger treat than the Dental Stick but all in all way slower to eat than any other treat I have given him!

The Testing Process:
To check out our live testing process of the Dental Sticks & Triple Chews please visit our facebook page for videos.

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a bag of Petsafe’s Indigo Fresh Dental Sticks & Triple Chews for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.


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  1. Sharon Seltzer says:

    I agree that it’s important to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and clean. I’ve never heard of Indigo brand, but I like how you can put one of their chews in a bone toy. I hope you’ll send me a picture of you and Rolo in his DoggyRide. I know both of you will love it.

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