Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Presents Dog Days Of May


If you follow us on social media I am sure you have seen us boasting about the Dog Days Of May event happening at Jasper Park Lodge in beautiful Jasper, AB, Canada. Rolo and I will be taking a 800km+ road-trip South West at the end of May to attend this special weekend event; The Dog Days Of May. We encourage you to come take part in this event too as It’s a whole weekend dedicated to our furry friends! We will be blogging & posting on social media during the event.

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As I went to high school only 4 hours away from Jasper, you can imagine the amount of trips I have taken there with many times staying & visiting Jasper Park Lodge. This resort is nothing but amazing! In fact the first road-trip me and my boyfriend(now Husband) at the time took was to Jasper Park Lodge.

*What is the name of the event?
The Dog Days of May

*When is this event?
May 29-31, 2015

*Where is this event taking place?
at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta.

d34882d6-e73c-45d9-8724-948104d17792                    (Photo Credit: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge website)

*If someone hasn’t been to Jasper, AB before can you tell us some fun things to do in the Jasper area with pets? (Rolo loves going to bear paw bakery & getting some fresh homemade dog treats)
A list of pet friendly hikes and activities can be found on our pet brochure: http://www.fairmont.com/jasper/pdf/jpl-pet-brochure-may-2014/

*Who is filling out this interview?
Stefanie Hamilton

*How long have you been with the company for and what is your job title?
Marketing & Public Relations Manager – seven years with FJPL.

*How many times have Jasper Park Lodge put on the Dog Days Of May Event?
This is the second event, the first one was May 2014 and was such a success we wanted to offer it again this year.

*Why was it started?
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts are all pet friendly, with many hotels having their own Canine Ambassadors. Our Ambassador, Stanley the Black Lab, wanted to invite his furry friends for a weekend full of fun, outdoor adventures. We like to encourage our guests to bring their pets with them when they stay with us – after all, they’re family!

light                               (Photo Credit: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge)

*How many pets are expected to attend Dog Days Of May?
We are hoping to have 40+ dogs in attendance.

*What types of events can people and their pets participate in at Dog Days of May?
All events are geared towards dogs and their owners, like:
• “Pawgility” Obstacle Course
• Doggie Family Photo’s
• “Fun Zone” Off Leash Play Area
• Summer Sled Dogging
• “Doggie Swimmin’ Hole”
• Early Morning “Dog Jog”

 • “See Spot Hike” Guided Dog Hikes in Jasper National Park
• Campfire, sing-a-long and S’mores
• Homemade Organic Dog Treat Demo from JPL Chef’s
• Doggie Spa & “Ask the Vet”
• “Pop-Up Puppy Shop” Retail Outlet

Check out their Dog Days Of May Promo Video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esExtan-zK0

2968_76097988706_2436381_n                               (Photo Credit: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge website)

*What is the cost to attend this event and what is included in that price?

The cost is from $499 per person (with your pup) and includes:
-Two Nights Accommodation in a Fairmont Room
-Welcome Pet Amenity
-Friday Evening Doggy Welcom
e Reception
-Saturday Organized Group Meals
-Sunday Group Farewell Breakfast
-Nightly Pet Fee & Gratuities
-Dog’centric Classes, Sessions and Scheduled Activities

*If someone wanted to attend this event, how do they book?
Just visit our website at http://www.fairmont.com/jasper/special-offers/hotel-offers/special-events/dog-days-of-may/ for information and to make your reservation

2968_76097888706_3143174_n                     (Photo Credit: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Facebook Page)               

*Any other special events coming up this year for Jasper Park Lodge (doesn’t have to be pet related)?

-80s PJ Party with Molly Ringwald March 13-15 http://www.fairmont.com/jasper/special-offers/hotel-offers/signature/thepjparty

-Jasper Pride Weekend March 20-22 http://jasperpride.ca/
More to come, like the 28th annual “Christmas in November”!

*When staying at Jasper Park Lodge (any time of year not just at Dog Days of May) what is included with the Pet Room Fee?
$50 per room, per night includes a pet friendly welcome gift (dog bowl, pet brochure, treats, doggy bags) and a $15 per night donation to the SPCA in Hinton, AB (45 mins from Jasper). The fee also covers a deep cleaning of the room so future guests with allergies are not affected. Emergency pet food and dog beds are available if needed.

2968_76097983706_2384767_n                         (Photo Credit: Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Facebook Page)

* Social Media Information:
Facebook: /fairmontjasperparklodge
Email: jasperparklodge@fairmont.com
Website: www.fairmont.com/jasper
Twitter: @FairmontJPL
Pinterest: /fairmontjpl
Instagram @FairmontJPL
Youtube /jasperparklodge

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  1. Dog Mom Days says:

    This sounds like so much fun and it looks beautiful! I love going to pet events with Wynston. We have several large events each year in Arizona. I can’t get enough!

    • Kimberley says:

      WE are so excited! We love attending pet events too! Wish we were able to go to blogpaws but maybe next year as it should be on our side of north america next year!

  2. Cathy Armato says:

    This sounds like a fabulous, fun event! Not many hotels have dog friendly events like this. I didn’t know Fairmont hotels were pet friendly, that is great to know. However, the $50 pet fee per night is a bit steep, especially if you stay for a whole week. We travel so often and for longer periods of time so we have to always be conscious of racking up additional fees. Still good to know though, will keep it in mind.

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