It’s A Celebration – How to make a D.I.Y Bowtie


Today happens to be the 2nd anniversary of when Rolo & I launched Confessions of a Rescue Mom. These past two years have been nothing but amazing and it couldn’t be without the help of our viewers and supporters! We love seeing your comments, hearing your stories, getting feedback and getting you all involved with our posts. We THANK-YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

To celebrate our Anniversary we decided to show you all how to make a D.I.Y Bowtie as Rolo loves being dapper and dressing up! In Fort McMurray where we live there is actually a plastic bag ban so whenever we go shopping we have to use these woven reusable bags that we have to purchase for $1.00. Over time I have accumulated SO many of them that I decided to turn it into a craft. Making this bowtie takes under 10 minutes to complete and its very easy to do with little mess and you end up with a great item!


How to make a bowtie instructions:
(lots of instructions but its VERY simple)

1. Make sure you have a glue gun & a pair of scissors.
2. You will also need a reusable bag, not plastic or paper. I chose a funky patterned bag as I thought it would make a neat looking bowtie.
3. Cut down the seam of the sides and across the bottom to remove one side from the bag. Cut that into half and than cut off the handles.
4. Determine how big you want the bowtie to be (we made our square about 10 inches x 6-7 inches) and than cut off access material. Fold up the bottom and fold down the top and glue the seams together.
5. Fold the material like a accordion. I folded it 3 times  first try but redid it and folded it 6 times (like in photo #8).
6. Take that other half (from photo #3) and cut a 1 inch thick strip.
7. Wrap this around the middle of the bowtie once and glue with the glue gun and cut off any access material
8. Fluff out the sides, I took some extra material (from photo#3) and stuffed some of it in the sides.
9. Press and seal the ends with a line of glue form the glue gun.
10. I wanted small rounded corners for the bowtie so I took of a little excess on the sides. You can also leave it just the way it is.
11. One the bag there is 2 handles. Cut them off where they meet the bag and glue one end of it together.
12. Glue the bowtie down to the handle where the 2 pieces you glued together meet. Leave the other end undone and unglued.
13. As you could see the backing behind the bowtie I decided to cut out a chunk so that when it was worn you couldn’t see the teal handle. If any pieces came apart from cutting it I glued it with the glue gun.

To complete the bowtie I put it around Rolo’s neck and measured how big it needed to be. I glued and cut the excess off. It slips over his head and onto his neck easily.


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    • Kimberley says:

      Us to! We have a bag ban in our city and I am always forgetting mine so I have to always buy more. Now I can just make bowties with them all LOL He has 3 now.

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