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spotlight interview

Today we have a very important topic to talk about — Puppy Mills. We all know about them and it’s YOU that can make a difference by not supporting them and enlightening others about them. Today we have a spotlight interview with The Puppy Mill Project.

Their Mission  is to educate the public and raise awareness about the cruelty of puppy mills and their direct connection to pet stores, internet sites, and newspaper ads that sell dogs. They want pet owners and consumers to know the difference between responsible and irresponsible breeding and have the information to make the best possible choice for their families. (Paragraph Credit:

*What is the name of your non-profit?
The Puppy Mill Project

(Photo Credit: The Puppy Mill Project Website)

*Who is filling out this interview?
Cari Meyers

*How long have you been with the non-profit?
5 ½ years

*How long has your non-profit been around for?
5 ½ years

Millie Comes Home (24)                                                             (Photo Credit:  The Puppy Mill Project)

*Why was it started?
To educate the public about the puppy mill to pet store connection and put an end to puppy mills.

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
We have our huge fundraiser in May called “The Mothers in the Mills” which takes place the eve of Mothers Day to remember the mothers still locked away in the mills.

Take a look at their events here:

Naperville June 2014                                                               (Photo Credit:  The Puppy Mill Project)

*What inspires you?
Knowing that we are making a difference with our work in the fight against the mills.

*What do you plan to accomplish in 2015?
To help pass more legislation banning the sale of animals sourced from commercial breeding facilities in pet stores.

*How can my readers help your cause?
They can help spread the word about the cruel world of puppy mills and donate to our cause. They can go to our website and donate to “Millie’s Mission” a fund created to raise funds to pay the vet bills for rescued mill dogs. These bills are always enormous as these dogs have so many diseases, both mental, emotional and physical.

Millie Comes Home (37)                                              (Photo Credit:  The Puppy Mill Project)

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