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Today’s business spotlight interview features the company Ultimate Pet Inc. Who are the makers of; Rejeneril FP®. The product allows your pet to reach and maintain an optimum level of health and well-being and you can see Rolo’s results in a pet product review we have conducted here —->

Rejeneril FP® is a patented and research-proven liquid formula (added to your pet’s food) containing many nutrients crucial to maintaining not only proper nutrition and health, but also to maintaining general quality of life as your pet ages or faces a difficult disease or treatment. (Paragraph Credit:


*What is the name of your business?
Ultimate Pet Inc.

*Who is filling out this interview?
Brad King, president of the company.

*How long have you been with the company for?
Since the company’s inception.

*How long has your business been around for?

7 years.

*Why was it started?
Ultimate Pet was started after an experience with Rejeneril (the only product Ultimate Pet distributes) on a rescue dog I had just adopted (over 7 years back). I was his fourth home in two years (he was only two at the time) and they were considering putting him down because of his numerous health problems. As a nutritional researcher (of the human kind), I figured I would be able to save him, but after months of trying just about everything, I too was at my wit’s end. A colleague of mine told me about this incredible product called Rejeneril and how it was so advanced in the supplement field, so I decided to give it a try on my little guy. Within a few days I started noticing a difference and within a month I had a completely different dog (he is an incredible little guy that I could not picture my life without today). The rest is history, as I reached out to the company that manufactures the product and secured the worldwide rights to Rejeneril, so I could bring this product to as many pets as possible.

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*Do you have any animals?
Yes, I have three: My oldest fur-kid is Kira, a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix, who is 12 and still looks and acts like a puppy. The only problem with Kira is she somehow got the cat gene, as she is a little too independent for her own good. She also snubs me several times a day when I try to cuddle her.

My middle fur-kid is KitCat and yes, she’s a cat, however she is the most incredible cat I have ever had (and I have had many growing up). KitCat is a lover of all things fur-kid or human and she is infatuated with her younger brother, Jake.

Jake, a Yorkie/Havanase mix is the rescue dog I mentioned previously and the reason we discovered Rejeneril. He is one of the most confident little dudes I have ever seen, extremely grateful for being saved (or so it seems) and is extremely intelligent. In fact, he constantly observes me, as he knows all too well that I will eventually mess up (as I always do) and leave something lying around somewhere that he can devour when I turn my back.  

*What do you specialize in?
I am a nutritional researcher by trade, a bestselling author of 11 books on human health and nutrition (my latest is Dirty Diets: Exposing the Dietary Lies Keeping You from Looking and Feeling Your Best) and a nutritional formulator (

*What types of services do you offer?
The only services we offer at Ultimate Pet Inc., is distributing the most advanced longevity formula ever invented for pets.


*What is the approx. cost?
$44.99 including shipping (for anywhere from a 1-3 month supply—depending on the size of the pet).

*What inspires you?
Helping fur-kid parents everywhere experience more quality time with their beloved pets and people who respect animals for the gifts they really are.

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2015?
We plan to partner with as many pet-lovers (including pet bloggers) as possible in order to get Rejeneril in as many paws as we can. This product is too important not to be tried and we are so positive that Rejeneril will make a difference in your pet’s life that we will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t notice a pawsitive change!

*Do you do any charity work?
Yes, we have donated hundreds of bottles of Rejeneril to rescue organizations throughout North America.


*Connect with them through Social Media:

Twitter: @UltimateFurBall

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