Petiquette – An Important Lesson

Well after my experience with an irresponsible pet owner yesterday, I thought I would like to refresh people on some I like to call “petiquette” aka Pet Etiquette as Rolo could have seriously gotten hurt yesterday and luckily I was in front of him. I hope these tips can create a better environment for you and others around you whether you are visiting a vet office, at a coffee shop, pet store etc.

Leashing: While you are standing there, you should be holding your leash with a small lead (comfortable & not choking), not at the end of the leash especially if you are in a small area. As I experienced yesterday, while someone came out from behind a door holding the end of their dogs leash, their dog tried to attack Rolo. They had no control of what their animal was doing. I believe this is completely unacceptable because if their dog would have actually got a hold of Rolo, they’re would have been some major problems.

dog park photoCell Phones: While you are in a confined office/retail space with your pet and possibly other pets, it’s best to keep that phone tucked away as you should be paying attention not just in watching your pet but the surroundings too. Sometimes it may not be your pet who is an instigator but it could be others. So if you have two pet owners not paying attention to what their animals are doing, there could be problems. Better to be safe than sorry.

*RANT* This is also another reason why I do not bring my dog to the local dog park because there are so many pet parents there drinking their coffee, talking to others or talking on their phones and not paying attention to their pets. I have seen many dogs scrap there and their owners not pay attention while me and others jump in trying to break the dogs up. 

Messes Ha
ppen: When I was younger and would take my childhood dog to the local pet store in BC, no matter what Sparky felt like she needed to pee down an isle every time we would go there. It wasn’t just a puddle, Sparky did this thing that I like to call “Pee-Walking”. There would be a looooong puddle down and isle from her. Dogs make messes, sometimes it could be other pet smells, nervousness or just another surrounding that they are not used to. Don’t be ashamed, tell someone or ask for items to clean it up. Please do not just leave it there for someone to discover on their own. Yuck!

We hope that these tips on these top three items or well pet peeves of mine can make a difference in your next office/retail visit with your pets.If you have any more ideas of great “petiquette” that others should follow, please comment below and share your ideas :)

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10 thoughts on “Petiquette – An Important Lesson

  1. Leah Erb says:

    I applaud your petiquettes. I know when someone’s new to dogs it’s easy to learn the hard way the importance of keeping dogs close in places like a vet’s waiting room. But I never understood the drop-and-ignore attitude at dog parks. I mean, really, what’s more interesting and fun than watching dogs having a good time?! And if they aren’t having a good time, then no need to go. :->

    • Kimberley says:

      Thank you very much. The owner there did all the wrong things, I hope they got to read my post after i posted it on our local pet facebook page.

  2. Miss Destiny says:

    Thanks for the great petiquette reminders, Kimberley! It’s so easy for us humans to get distracted, and it only takes a second for some accident or incident to occur. Better to be vigilant and prevent :)

  3. Emmadog says:

    Mom says the people with those dogs are the same ones with those children. Oblivious to all the dangers in the world. There are no distractions when we are out and about, focus is on us and making sure we are safe and we behave correctly. Some people don’t seem to see the problem when their dog attacks another dog, it is just plain bad!

    • Kimberley says:

      i completely agree. I posted this on our local dog facebook page and it got alot of comments. We see it so much so i love to remind others

  4. Beagles and Bargains says:

    Great tips! It bothers me too when people aren’t paying attention to their pets. Sometimes, as a blogger, I struggle because my “I need to photograph this” urge takes over. Usually I bring my boyfriend along, so we have both covered!

  5. Robin says:

    There are definitely a lot of pet owners that need a petiquette class or two. I live in a huge apartment complex and my upstairs neighbor just lets his little dog out (unleashed) and lets it go potty all over the sidewalk and then he calls it back in. Seriously? How hard is it to follow your pet down stairs and clean up after it? Anyway, I’m so glad to hear that Rolo is doing so well with his weight loss goals. It is hard to loose medication weight (I would know)!

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