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On today’s blog we are featuring another pet blogger, Perrin from ChewieSays. Their blog is full of information on EVERYTHING dog! Their posts take you on an informative journey to showing you some of the best pet products in the world from beds, treats & toys to clothing! I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from Chewie Says:
**Best Dog Boots For Hiking (Rolo owns a pair of ones mentioned in this post)

**Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Large Dogs

**Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Let’s get started with this interview to find out ALL about their blog!

*Who is filling out this Interview?
Perrin Carrell, owner of ChewieSays (and Chewie’s dad!)

*Where are you from?
Chicago, IL

*Tell me a little about yourself?
The boring stuff is that I’m a content manager living with my fiancé (getting married in June!) in Chicago. I’m also a first-time dog owner, believe it or not. My fiancé and I went through a pretty terrible experience trying to rescue a dog before getting Chewie (our current dog). But we’re super happy now, and we love blogging for fun.
*What is your blog called?
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*When did you start blogging?
I’ve had blogs off and on for at least five years, but my first “serious” blog was created in late 2013.

*Why did you start blogging?
I got into blogging a few years ago by pursuing a hobby: traditional wet shaving. And it was super fun! I had a great outlet for my writing (I’ve been writing in some capacity or another for about a decade), and it was a fun way to learn a bunch of new skills, like WordPress, marketing, and even a bit of coding.
But I realized I had a real passion for blogging—and especially for making friends with other bloggers—so when we got a dog, and I fell head-over-heels in love with her, it was pretty obvious that I had to start a blog about her.

(Photo Credit: Perrin Carrell)

*How often do you blog?
I go in spurts. Sometimes, I’ll spend two full weeks writing an epic post, creating an infographic, and doing a bunch of research (here’s an example of that). Other times, though, I’ll find a whole area in which I think there’s an information gap. For example, there are only a few other sites on the internet who are really giving good, breed-specific information on dog food, so I was writing about dog food for the entirety of January and February.

*What is your blog about?
Our official mission is to help people become better dog owners and education people about the benefits of owning a dog. That’s a purposefully broad statement, and it’s meant to give us a little bit of elbow room to cover several kinds of different topics. Currently, we cover honest product buying tips (e.g. I want to go hiking with my dog; how do I know what boots he should wear or if he even needs them?), training information, and in-depth information on dog-human relationships.

*Do you have any animals?
Of course! We have a little mutt named Chewie. She’s the namesake, mascot, and CEO of our blog.

(Photo Credit: Perrin Carrell)

*What do you hope to achieve with your blog in 2015?
We’re a new blog, and we’re in growth mode, which means we’ll mostly be writing and trying to make a few friends. However, we may also try to start a podcast—just because my fiancé and I think that’d be a fun thing to do together.

*Have you ever attended any Blog Conferences? If so what ones and how was it? My day-job company took me to the Traffic & Conversion Summit this year (2015). It was absolutely amazing, but a lot of the stuff (mostly Facebook advertising) was totally over my head. But I’m learning! I’d really love to find a good dog-blog conference. Are there any around? Rolo Says; Yes there are! Check out BlogPaws :)

(Photo Credit: Perrin Carrell)

*What do you get inspiration from?
Inspiration’s never been a problem for me. I just happen to love writing about my hobbies. If anything, I’ve got too much natural inspiration! I suppose Chewie inspires me some. And she definitely gives me ideas about what products I want to test.

*Any advice for someone wanting to start their own Animal Blog?
Make friends! Blogging is social, and you won’t see any success if you do it in a vacuum. The best thing you can do for you blog is to make friends.

*What are some of your favorite pet blogs to read?
This one! Also, I love PetBlogLady, the Misadventures of Misaki, The I Love Dog Site, and a few others.

*Anything else you would like to add?
Just thanks to you, Kimberly, for having me on! I love your blog, and after rescuing a dog of my own, I’ve got a special place in my heart for folks like you. Thanks for everything you do!

(Photo Credit: Perrin Carrell)

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