Hosting the Perfect Doggie Sleepover

Rolo is the only dog in our household, this leaves him with an empty place in his heart where constant fur-companionship would go. A human and a pet can only bond so much, IMG_0325as the bond between two animals is amazing. Rolo has quite the list of doggie friends but his two most favorite friends are Beatrice, a black lab with a hint of gsd & Kit, a purebred chocolate lab, both girls. You see only till about 8 months ago Rolo came to work with me every single day for over a year. Beatrice & Kit are two dogs at work in which he bonded so greatly with them. Every time they see each other they greet with doggie kisses (Rolo doesn’t do this for any other dogs). I usually try to borrow Kit & Bea every few months for a doggie sleepover with Rolo as he doesn’t come to work with me anymore. The excitement he shows as soon as I open that door and he sees his friends is heartwarming. Last night I surprised Rolo with Bea & Kit for a sleep over! This sleepover sparked an idea in my head about blogging about how to host a doggie sleepover! Of course you may prefer to invite more guests to your doggies sleepover but 3 large dogs in a townhouse was just enough for me & Rolo! The only downfall of a doggie sleepover is more mess to clean up outside. LOL.

1. Picking Your Guests:
I opted for only just bringing two dogs over for a small sleepover due to space but if you have a larger yard or house, pick as many as you are comfortable with. One thing I cannot stress enough is picking dogs who get along with each other as putting dogs who do not know each other into a small environment might stress them out or could spark what we don’t want; a doggie “tif” aka dog fight. Rolo had his two BFF’s over as I normally take them once a month to visit with Rolo. He get’s so excited when he sees them walk through the door!

2. Mealtime:
Normally with Rolo I fill his water up in the morning and than again when I get home from work as he doesn’t normally drink the entire bowl. With having more dogs in the house and nice weather outside I kept my eyes on the water dish and refilled when needed. It was about 3 times within a 5 hour period that we were all awake. For dinner I prepared their delicious meals of dog food. We had dog food with some noodles on it as a mix in, ok I didn’t have the dog food, just them. I spread them out on the floor so that each dog had their own area.10388585_444298012379118_4235316005936564892_n
3. Sleeping:
Well I must say that I am so grateful that Rolo is a great sleeper, doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night unless its an emergency. Well adding two other dogs into a bedroom makes a huge difference. I did get woken I may suggest that you have a dedicated sleeping area for them all, maybe a living room.To make everyone comfortable (except me) I slept with the windows wide open to cool down the room as I could tell that Beatrice & Kit were warm due to their panting and drooling. I spread out another blanket on the floor for the girls to sleep on.IMG_0343

**Have you ever hosted a doggie sleep over before? Tell us how it went below. 

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One thought on “Hosting the Perfect Doggie Sleepover

  1. April says:

    They are so adorable together. The last sleep over Bain had, was watching a coworker’s Boxer named Harley, Bain unfortunately tried to hump him the entire time!

    Harley is so patient, unfortunately lol. They get along great besides that.

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