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I consider myself a pretty crafty person but when it comes to cooking and baking I’m really not that great (ask my hubby). Smart Cookie Dog Treats has done the unthinkable in the pet industry! They allow you to custom make your very own dog treats online, they make them, bake them and ship them right to you! Is that not the coolest thing? No more burnt cookies, No more running to the store to get forgotten ingredients and it takes only just a few minutes to order online not to mention they ship right to you!

“Smart Cookie dog treats are naturally preserved by going through a two-step process of baking & dehydrating.  Because of this process, the treats retain high nutritional value so you know you are giving your dog the very best nutrition and treat”
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Company:  Smart Cookie Dog Treats
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Smart Cookie is a company with one thing in mind: you & your dog. Founded on the principle your dog’s diet should be custom tailored to their lifestyle, health or taste. No one knows your dog better than you so with Smart Cookie you can choose a Protein, Carb, Fruit & Veggie as the key ingredients that go into your dog’s treats. Purchase online or check out the Smart Cookie Cart – Colorado’s first food truck for dogs. The only dog treats where you get to pick the ingredients. (Paragraph Credit: Smart Cookie Dog Treats Facebook Page:

Want to learn more about Smart Cookie Dog Treats, Check out our exclusive interview with them here —>

Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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As soon as Rolo & I opened the package we got in the mail we seen a clear plastic package filled right to the top with “Smart Cookies”. No waste of space in this cookie box! As soon as I seen the cookies I thought, boy do these look like a human granola bars. I also like that you can see the bits of fruit and veggies in them as well! Rolo says he likes that they are crunchy like a granola bar.

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I will be posting a video on our Facebook page ( that shows Rolo’s sniffer going crazy during our pet product review video. Below is a photo of Rolo smelling the package full of treats. It’s a little blurry as he was moving his nose around a lot each time I put the box of cookies in-front of him. I would have to say by his actions he was intrigued by the smell and couldn’t wait to get one of them in his mouth!

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Taste Test by Rolo
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The photo below pretty much sums up how he feels about the Smart Cookie Dog Treats. I picture him thinking about them as he closes his eyes and licks his lips. If he could talk he would day “DELICIOUS”. I will be posting a video on our Facebook page ( that shows Rolo chomping on some of the Smart Cookie Dog Treats.

Creativity of Product
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Like I had mentioned above, this company has done the unthinkable and they make it very easy for pet parents like myself by giving us a healthy option to create our own custom treats for our dogs without us actually having to make them!

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Lookout! Rolo has figured out how to order his own online! All you do is have to go to and on the main page you will see: “Create Your Custom Dog Treats Now” and below you pick the Protein, Carb , Fruit & Veggies you want in it, Click Bake My Treat, Add to Cart and Pay! EASY! It literally took ONE minute to complete!

Final Thoughts:
We are both obsessed with these treats for different reasons; Rolo likes them because they taste good, and of course my reasoning is because they are healthy, especially when Rolo has been on a diet since September (lost 11lbs so far). Another reason I like them is because you can also chose what the main ingredients are in your cookies. I know a lot of pets who have allergies so these would be perfect for them! allergic to oat? make yours with barley instead, can’t have carrots, well choose the green beans & blueberries instead! There are so many different options to choose from and of course you don’t have to spend your time making & baking them so you can spend precious time with your pet instead!

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a package of Smart Cookie Dog Treats for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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