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Today on our blog it features an exclusive interview with Brad one of the co-founders of fundmypet.com. FundMyPet.Com is an online community in which you can help raise funds for animals. Does your pet need an expensive surgery? Does your shelter need some help raising funds for spay & neuter clinics, an animal that came in injured that needs medical attention? This is PERFECT for Shelters, Rescues and even everyday people needing help as its a simple solution to everyday event fundraising. You can set up an online account, share and people have access to donate to your cause! Find out all about Fund My Pet below!

Logo*What is the name of your business?

*Who is filling out this interview?
Brad Maver

*How long have you been with the company for?
I am the founder. Myself and my co-founder, Chantal Locke have both been with FundMyPet since its inception.

*How long has your business been around for?
FundMyPet.com has been launched for 3 months.

*Why was it started?
My German Shepherd started to show signs of hip dysplasia and we were devastated. We needed to look into funding for treatment options. We found that – other than pet insurance or credit loans, there were not many options for funding assistance if he required surgery. We realized that we shared this problem with thousands of people and so we wanted to create a solution.

*Do you have any animals?
Yes, I have 5 animals. 2 are rescues.
You can read all about Brad’s pets in their animal interview we did with them —> http://confessionsofarescuemom.com/2015/04/16/pet-spotlight-brad-maver/
PicMonkey Collage
1) Zane – our German Shepherd loves water more than any else ( even sticks ). We’re convinced he’s part fish.
2) Zara (Rescue) – our Doberman is shy girl but once she gets to know you, she’ll lick you to death.
3) Quinn – our miniature Dachshund – he’s got one blue eye and one brown eye. He pretty much runs the show around here. He’s mighty and tough but somehow also winds up snuggling on my lap every night.
4) Duke ( Rescue ) – our cat Duke is part Egyptian Mau. He hates being picked up but loves to snuggle up to me when it’s convenient for him!
5) Dexter – our cat Dexter is one of a kind. He loves macaroni and cheese and requires alot of love and attention. If he doesn’t get his required attention, we hear about it.

*What do you specialize in?
I am Computer Programmer with a passion for animals.

*What types of services do you offer?
We allow pet owners to create online fundraising campaigns for emergency vet bills. Our website makes it very easy for anyone to accept donations from anyone within North America.

*What is the approx. cost?
While our website is free to use, we charge a small fee of 5% of each donation for operating cost. Our payment provider charges about a 3% fee to process the payments.

*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of you?
I can be reached by email: brad@fundmypet.com

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
None at the moment.

*What inspires you?
To make a difference. Helping animals that may not have otherwise had a chance. Saving animals lives. Helping people in times of need and understanding what it’s like to have a pet and not be able to financially help him/her during emergency situations.

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2015?
We plan to give back to the community by actively donating significant amounts to campaigns on our website. We plan to be recognized as a resource alongside pet insurance and pet credit lines.

*Do you do any charity work?
Myself and my co-founder have looked after a colony of homeless cats for about 5 years. Visiting them daily, providing food and shelter for them. We also bring food to our local Humane Society.

*Social Media Information:
Facebook: facebook.com/fundmypet
Email: brad@fundmypet.com
Website: http://fundmypet.com
Twitter: @fundmypet
Instagram: @fundmypetofficial

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