What to Pack – Road Trip Edition

Over the years I cannot count the amount of road trips Rolo & I have taken together. With having a dog who has Canine Epilepsy, I cannot put him through the stress of flying him on a plane, so we opt to drive most places.
As Rolo IMG_1056is a little high maintenance with his current diet, medication requirements and issues with his legs we pack ALOT, I guess it also is because I am very over protective and would rather bring more than less. You never know what could happen while you are away from home. Heaven forbid your dog rolls around in some poop and you have nothing to get that smell out and clean them with. Yuck! Once I was in Edmonton, AB for my bridal shower and I got a flat tire on my suv and the tire shop couldn’t get another tire like it in until the next day, We had to stay in town an extra day than planned. Luckily I always pack more than enough food and extra medication just in-case of an emergency.Here is an inside look at a few things we would be putting into our travel bag for Rolo. This is of course a condensed version of what we really pack.**Some things we also pack that are not pictured; a doggie bedbed, blanket, extra collar, extra bandanas, towel, stroller, step for suv as Rolo cannot jump in, blog business cards to share with people we meet, first aid kit (human & pet).


1) Bear Spray – A great idea if you are going to be walking some trails, can never be to prepared.
2) Nootie Shampoo/Conditioner – Never know what your pet may get into while away from home.
3) Water Bottle with Collapsible Dish – I just got this water bottle at a trade show and it is honestly the coolest thing, inside it has 2 separate compartments as well as 2 openings on top. One side is for you and one for your pet! OR you can add food/treats on one side and water on the other. It also comes with a little collapsible attachable dish.
4) Travel Bag – A must! I like having all of Rolo’s stuff in one area and easy to find. This is actually a yoga bag.
5) Kurgo Pop-Up Dish – Great for meal times, collapsible and easy to store.
6) Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea & Tick Spray – A must to keep the bugs away!
7) Epilepsy Medication  – Most important thing in our travel bag! We also always bring extra in case of emergency
8) Rejeneril – Daily supplement for Rolo’s joints & arthritis
9) Aspirin – In case of a flare up with Rolo’s legs also, in case I get a headache!
10) Extra Leash – Always good to pack an extra leash as well as collar as you never know if the one they have on breaks, or gets damaged.
11) Treats – Rolo says this is a must! He loves his Smart Cookie Dog Treats! (granola bar looking ones)
12) RC Pets Grippy Socks – due to hind end weakness we put these on Rolo if he is in a room with hardwood for a long time as if he sits down he has a hard time getting up. Just a precaution.
13) Toothbrush – Got to keep those canines clean!
14) Poop Bags –  Very important to always pick up after your pet
15) Canine Equipment Shoes – I bring these with me in case of MUD! I have white carpets in my house and these keep floors clean.
16) Doggie Tea by Tea for Spot – Its so relaxing enjoying a cup of tea with my dog in the morning. This tea is actually made for dogs! http://www.teaforspot.com
17) Natural Balance, Low Calorie “Fat Dog” food – Feeding your dog is pretty important, and we always bring extra as well!


What are some of the items you pack for your pets while going on a road-trip? Comment below and share them with us.

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7 thoughts on “What to Pack – Road Trip Edition

  1. Jen Jelly says:

    I couldn’t imagine the stress I’d have if I had been stuck somewhere for an extra day considering I’m really bad at planning ahead. Great list and a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have thought of that make perfect sense. I’ve been considering trying Rejeneril – we’re currently using one that works well but it was also the first one we tried so I’m always wondering if something else might work even better.

    Well I think I’d pack the stuff you’ve got listed and since you mentioned tea I don’t know what I would do without coffee. It’s a pretty bad habit I’ve gotten myself into with that caffeine stuff. I’d also take along our doggie backpack since it seems to work wonders for Laika’s nerves and focus – as soon as she has that on she seems to calm right down.

    • Kimberley says:

      The doggie one has no caffeine :)
      I dont think many people remember bear spray! We take it every time we walk in the bush as a precaution. and in the canadian rockies you never know what you will run into!

      we really like rejeneril. rolo has tried a few things that haven’t worked like just normal glucosamine chondroitin pills.

  2. Dog Mom Days says:

    Looks like you have all of the necessities! I love road tripping with my kids. Wynston will be traveling on a plane for the first time in May when we head to BlogPaws. I’m going to over pack since we’ll be really far from home and I want to be prepared.

    • Kimberley says:

      Best to be prepared than have to buy stuff away from home. Like once I forgot sunscreen in mexico.. and it was about 35 bucks for the smallest tube! When its only 5-8$ in Canada! Learned my lesson!

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