Pet Product Review – Bone Shaped Jar by Memorable Gifts

Today on our blog we are conducting a review on a beautifully made ceramic bone shaped treat jar with custom wording from Memorable Gifts. In Rolo’s closet you will find that he has a basket full of different treat bags; ones we have reviewed, ones we have bought and ones people have gifted us with. Let’s just say he has an abundance of treats. Rolo and I have a routine every morning before we start our day; I will sit on the stairs as he sits on the landing, we check out some of our social media accounts, post some photos and Rolo always gets a couple treats before I give him a hug and a big ole smooch. I like giving him a few different types of treats every morning so being able to add a few different treats into the ceramic bowl saves me time sifting through the treats and allows me to have more time with Rolo.

  Memorable Gifts

Item:  Classic Ceramic Dog Bone Jar


This classic ceramic dog bone jar is such an excellent gift to give to any dog or dog lover! The fun and simple bone design makes the bone jar appropriate for just about any dog out there, as long as they like tasty treats of course! Aside from a nice leather shoe, this personalized treat jar will hold any kind of scrumptious treat, no matter what the K-9’s preference is! The ceramic dog treat jar can be personalized for your favorite dog by having his or her name printed on the side of the white bone jar in large bold uppercase black letters—a very classic look. The lucky dog’s name will be printed on the bone jar, letting everyone know whose treats are in there! The jar is 9” tall, 6 1/2” wide, and 5” deep. (Paragraph Credit:

Want to learn more about Memorable Gifts, Check out our exclusive interview we did with them here:

Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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If I had to choose one word to describe this treat jar it would have to be “Adorable”. It really looks like a dog bone! It also holds a lot of dog treats and is made to last. As you can see Rolo’s treat jar has the word “Treats” personalized on it but you can get it customized with any other name you want. Time to throw out all your treat bags and get your pup a custom dog bone treat jar!

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Smell Approval
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Taste Test by Rolo
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Creativity of Product
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This treat jar is so stylish that you can keep it right out in the open, no hiding it in your cupboard or like Rolos others treats, in his closet. I have ours on our counter in the kitchen right out in the open. Blends in nice with our white appliances and theme. Like I mentioned above, as I like to give Rolo a whole whack of different dog treats this is more practical than having to open up each and every bag in the morning to grab a treat from each. I can throw them all into this jar, give it a little shake and get a handful of different types in one grab.

Durability(if applicable)

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The treat jar is heavy-duty and one thing I love about having a dedicated treat jar is that you can wash it! I also took my nail and a cloth and of course tried to scrub off the customized wording. They aren’t coming off! This product is made to last!

Final Thoughts:
I want to give this product and this website two thumbs up! It is so simple to use, ships fast and their products are beautiful not to mention you can customize them! Below I took a few screen shots from to show you all how simple it is to use the site!

 If you head on over to and find the item them you want to purchase (we chose the same bone that we received).
picture 2
1. All you do if type in the word you want displayed on the bone (12 letters max).
2. Click if you want the gift wrapping & gift card, just gift card or none.

3. Click the check box, to confirm that the customized wording is spelt correctly and add to Cart
5. Head to your cart
6. Review your order, Click Checkout
7. Pay

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a ceramic bone shaped jar from Memorable Gifts for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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13 thoughts on “Pet Product Review – Bone Shaped Jar by Memorable Gifts

  1. leaherb says:

    Thorough review, nice job! “Aside from a nice leather shoe…” made me laugh :-> And I agree with you, the jar is attractive, and it Would be nice to have treats in one spot instead of digging around a pile of bags!

    • Kimberley says:

      Rolo agrees with you on that one! He once had this honking big bone that was some leg of something the butcher shop had. He loved it and ate it like he was a wild wolf!

  2. Elizabeth Keene says:

    Cute jar, and love that it stands up on it’s end. :) I have to tell you that I’m green with envy that you can get Rolo to sit so nicely in your photographs. What a good boy! My corgis are a couple of hoodlums in comaprison. :)

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