Giveaway (Fort McMurray, AB & Area Residents)

Jennifer Allen from Paw Prince Pet Services is a Certified Instructor for Walks’n’Wags Pet First Aid. She is located here in Fort McMurray, AB. She has allowed me to host a special little giveaway to the people of Fort McMurray and area. As seen below, It is a $20 gift certificate to be used for one of their courses, or on available pet first aid supplies including their first aid kit. The next course date hasn’t been picked yet but this will be valid until May 2016. *Please Note* Pet first aid is not a replacement for professional care provided by veterinarians.

Who is eligible?

The people who are eligible are people who live in the Fort McMurray area, as they will need to pickup the Gift Certificate and the courses & items are only offered in Fort McMurray, no shipping.

How do you enter?
All you have to do is comment on THIS blog post. Tell us why you want to win or why pet first aid is important.

When does the giveaway start & end?
The Giveaway starts May 15th and ends June 10th UNLESS Paw Prince announces another date before June 10th. We will end the giveaway before then if they do.

Why take pet first aid from a certified Walks’N’Wags instructor?
The Walks’N’Wags Pet First Aid Course:


  • is recognized internationally
  • is applicable to owners of dogs and/or cats
  • has been operational since 1993
  • is regularly reviewed and updated
  • is practiced with both artificial and live animals, to accurately simulate the ability of dogs to wiggle free
  • comes with an extensive and user-friendly manual
  • aims to reduce the unnecessary injuries and illness, and teaches early detection of illness and injury


For more information about Paw Prince Pet Services:

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6 thoughts on “Giveaway (Fort McMurray, AB & Area Residents)

  1. tshanna prieston says:

    I would love to win this! 6 months ago my sweet Dachshund Raspberry was attacked at a dog park in Edmonton, and ripped in two. 300 stitches, 6 surgeries, 3 weeks and $7000 later, she made it home alive and well. I was lucky. I would love to have the knowledge to be able to help my and other peoples dogs if anything else were to happen!

  2. Gila says:

    My dogs are everything to me. Rescused them from our local SPCA here in town. Don’t know what I would do without them now. Even my little girl (1 year) has the curtest grin for them both!

  3. Cindy Kitchen says:

    WTG Jennifer, what a nice thing to offer. I had previous commitments when you ran the last one, would love to be able to attend one. Would certainly be beneficial to know so I could offer the best possible care to Lucy, Missy, Gypsy and Shamrock. Even though I have pretty much given up pet sitting as a full-time career, every so often clients request weekend services and it would be great to have this knowledge when I’m caring for other’s beloved pets.

  4. Seraen says:

    I’d love to be able to have the skills to help animals in need. Being in healthcare, human cpr has already proven useful in my daily life, I’d like to be able to help my two four legged babies (and my foster furbabies) if they need it.

  5. Jaren says:

    I would love to Win, just to be able to help my fur baby Or anyone elses for that matter. Good to know. :)

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