Rolo’s Health Journey {Update}

In September 2014 things needed to change in Rolo’s life to make his it more enjoyable. His Canine Epilepsy medication was taking over his life and making him miserable and me heartbroken as I watched him struggle everyday. His arthritis and hind end weakness along with an injury last year were making his legs horrible! I had to put Rolo on a diet and work on strengthening his weak legs. We switched his food from Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison to Natural Balance “Fat Dog” (yah that’s really the name of it!) which is low-calorie dog food. He still gets treats and shares my food with me but he also does get a bit less than what is the recommended daily value. We added cooked veggies to his food to give him that extra nutrients along with some supplements. We will be doing a pet product review for another type of dog food soon and I am so excited to see the results from it!

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I wanted to give you all an update on Rolo as most of you have been following his journey to a stronger, skinnier dog. Below are his weights, I will weight him in June/July when we go to the vet for his Epilepsy blood-work. What do you think he will weigh? Comment below :) His back-end has drastically changed and I can see improvement in his hind end because of it as well. Some reason he will not lose anything from his front half. I’m starting to think he isn’t mixed with a husky anymore but more of a malamute as he is so wide up front, short and stocky.

Weight Loss Journey:
September 2014 – 108lbs
January 2015 – 100.1lbs
March 2015 – 97lbs
June/July 2015 –

(Photo Above: L->R May 2015, March 2015, November 2014)
Along with the weight-loss, his leg training has been going so great! I do not want to push him as I want to slowly ease him back into longer walks. Before after his injury he could walk for only 10 minutes tops and he was a wreck; falling down stairs, not able to get up on hardwood floor, yelping in pain and so many other things.
I also give him daily massages and move his leg around while he is laying down to keep those joints moving. We are also reading a great booked called “Grow Young with Your Dog” ( Its amazing and we will be doing a book review on it as soon as we are done!

roo in strollerAfter starting him on Rejeneril we have seen a drastic change in him! I have not heard him yelp in a very long time! He has more energy and after a slow increase of short walks he is able to go for a steady 45mins-1 hour, at a slow pace of course. I still use his stroller like when we were at the Annual Walk to End Animal Abuse as he was on his feet for quite a while so I put him in there so he could enjoy outside but not put stress on his joints.

We are off to Jasper Friday and we are packing his stroller, I know we will be on our feet most of the day and I want him to be able to relax with no stress & re-injure his legs again.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian and all of these thoughts and trials are my own. If you plan in putting your pet on a diet or through muscle rehab please consult your veterinarian first, to be safe!

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