Pet Spotlight Interview – Willie

Today on our blog we are spotlighting Willie! Willie is a handsome black cat! I love black cats, I think they look sleek and not to mention they always match your outfits! We will also be doing a blog post in the next couple of week spotlighting Willie’s other furry siblings! But for now… find all about this boy below.

*What is your Name?
Kristy Boulos

*Where are you from?
Chicago, IL

*Whats your Cats; Age & Name?
16, Cat, Willie
IMGP2045*Do you got any interesting facts about your cat?
Willie was born in a dumpster behind a restaurant and I helped nurse him back to health. He’s always been really skinny and really long, he reminds me of a pendulum.

*What’s the Silliest thing your cat has done?
Willie thinks he is a dog. Whenever we let the dogs outside for their morning walk, he always tries to go outside with them. But, he lives inside and always has, since we’ve had him.

*Cats Favorite Treat?
Willie loves tuna fish! His food, treats, everything tuna fish.

*Does your cat like the water?
Willie doesn’t really like water. He likes drinking water, from where else, the dog’s bowls.

*Cat’s Favorite Place to Sleep?
Wherever someone is sitting/laying. He loves being by someone and will jump in bed and curl up or curl up next to you on the couch. He’s definitely a snuggler!

IMGP1458*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
I saved Willie’s life and he’s given my family and I so much joy over the years that I can’t imagine life without him. There are so many kittens and adult cats that need homes, I’d always recommend adoption.

*Favorite Quote?
“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

*Favorite website to get pet information?
Karen Becker’s social media and website.

*Do your cat love to go for car rides?
Willie doesn’t like the car, but he likes when we end up somewhere new. For being an older cat, you wouldn’t think he likes new places, but he loves visiting my sister’s apartment!

IMG_0263*What’s your favorite animal product?
Willie loves Spring Naturals cat food! He isn’t big on toys.

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
It’s important because there are so many animals that need homes and without the volunteers, these animals wouldn’t have a chance to find their loving forever homes.

*Pet’s Social Media:
Website: He doesn’t have his own website, but he’s on our company website on my page

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