Pet Spotlight – Aspen & Suki

Today we are spotlighting two adorable kitties; Aspen & Suki! They are from across the big sea over in England (I am jealous, Ive always wanted to go over there!) Learn all about these two below!

*Your Name?

*Where are you from?
South East England

*Animals(s) (Age, Breed & Name)?
Aspen, tuxedo, domestic shorthair, 2.5-years-old

Suki, silver tabby, oriental mix, about 11-months-old
Aspen and Suki
(Photo Credit: Lucy; Aspen & Suki’s Mom )

*Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s)?
Aspen is the softest cat you could ever wish to meet! He is so friendly, loving and affectionate, and doesn’t have a bad bone in him! He loves rolling over for his tummy to be rubbed, and when I kiss him he rubs his face against mine. He is also likened to a parrot by my friends as he loves to jump on my shoulders and rest there whilst I walk around doing things! If he’s unsure about something he will come to me for comfort which is adorable and makes me feel very loved.

SukisleepySuki is so pretty, but also so sweet. She is a little princess! She is always rubbing affectionately against me and my other rescued pets, and she loves her food!! When she jumps up onto things, she literally flies! It is astonishing to watch! She is very vocal too, and, especially just before meal times, she will stare straight at me and just open her mouth and this little pitiful wail comes out, as she cannot wait for her food! Also, if she is playing and we all go into another room, once she looks up and realizes everyone has gone, she cries out, a really heartbreaking cry, so I call out to her saying where we are, and she comes running in gratefully! She was abandoned at just 2-weeks-old, with her sister and two brothers, in a cardboard box at the side of a busy dual carriageway in the hot summer heat, whilst we were going through a heatwave! They had no food, no water, and no Mum! Thankfully a lady and her son found them and took them to a local vet, who in turn passed them onto a local rescue. They were then handreared, and Suki has always been very affectionate and loving with me and my pets. I traveled quite a distance to adopt her, but once I had seen her, I fell in love. I rescued her as a friend for Aspen, and they are so close now, after him initially being scared of her for the first two weeks and refusing to even be in the same room as her; it was definitely the best choice I ever made!

Sukipouch*Animal(s) Favorite Treat?
Cream cheese, Suki adores bits of smoked salmon, and they both love Dreamies and Whiskas Temptations.

*Does your animal(s) like the water?
Aspen doesn’t at all, but Suki does! She loves to play with my dog’s water bowl (as it is a lot bigger than the cats’ bowl), as well as the bath and the sink! She likes to dip her paws in and splash the water, licking it off her paws and flicking it around!

(Photo Credit: Lucy; Aspen & Suki’s Mom )

*Animal(s) Favorite Place to Sleep?
My bed with me, on my chest anywhere, in the cat tree pouch, radiator bed, and anywhere else that’s comfy!

Prince Aspeny*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
Adopting a rescue is the best thing you can ever do. They will offer you a lifetime of unconditional love, and no matter how bad your day has been, they will always make you feel better. They are whom I live for.

*Favorite Quote?
-A meow massages the heart.
-Love, you just know it when you feel it. I feel it now, and it’s furry and purring.
-My therapist thinks I’m crazy…but my cat says I’m ok!

(Photo Credit: Lucy; Aspen & Suki’s Mom )

*Do your animal(s) love to go for car rides?

*What’s your favorite animal product?
They love Tigga Towers!

Aspen Suki tower*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
It is important to realise the extreme problems we have currently with over breeding and pets being treated like objects. Pets are living, breathing creatures who have heartbeats! Volunteering in a rescue is very rewarding, and can help a lot of little lives. To truly understand animal rescue, you need to volunteer and see their little faces for yourself. You will gain new skills, have a sense of achievement, and give something back to the community.

Fostering is another vital way you can help. It is temporary but really saves lives. The problem we have today is so many cats and dogs are being overbred, as well as so many being abused, neglected and abandoned, and there just aren’t enough good homes. Fostering is much kinder to the animal, as they are in a home environment, and it also usually helps them get adopted as people can relate, and seeing them in a home means they can imagine them in their own home, and it also saves them from being put to sleep.
(Photo Credit: Lucy; Aspen & Suki’s Mom )

*Anything extra you would like to add?
There should be a lot of thought before making the decision to bring a pet into your home, financially, time-wise, and understanding. They are a big responsibility, and are one of the biggest joys on earth!

Aspen cutie
(Photo Credit: Lucy; Aspen & Suki’s Mom )

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