Rolo’s Health Journey {Update June 18}

I wanted to a do quick update on Rolo’s Health Journey even thou I did an update at the end of May. March was the last time I weighted Rolo and wanted to keep his weight a secret until I could get him weighted at the Vet clinic the day he got his blood tested for his Phenobarbital levels.  June 13th we went to the vet and he stepped on that scale! I was so happy to see that he is still dropping weight as I have him on a super weird Kim diet right now that I made up myself. Basically he eats 2 main meals (low-calorie dog food and veggies) and I give him as many treats as I want, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

You may have seen my post already on Facebook of Rolo’s weight as of June 13th but I’m going to share it again because I am still so proud of him!
Weight Loss Journey:
September 2014 – 108lbs

January 2015 – 100.1lbs
March 2015 – 97lbs
June 2015 – 94.2lbs

Rolo almost made it to one year seizure free in May but he ended up having a seizure. We upped his medication by half a pill and at is vet appointment, after his blood was sent away to be tested his levels came back good! When they send the blood to be tested, it is tested to see what level of Phenobarbital is in the blood. It is SO important to maintain a stable level. They call it the “therapeutic range”. If the level is to low he could experience a seizure or anxiety. If the level is to high he could experience side effects or even toxicity. This is why we go every 6 months to get his levels checked.

10858621_591388177670100_4421999895418197519_nAs for Rolo’s legs, they are doing great. The photo is from after the vet so he has his bandage on from the needle. AND he is still smiling! He still has his days where he gets sore if he has lots of movement that day but nothing close to what he had before. We are testing out a new supplement from Dr.Harvey’s called Ortho-Flex and we will be doing a review on it after he finishes the tin so I wont go into detail on how Rolo is doing right now :) Even his personality has even changed! He never liked kids before and now he lets his flesh-cousin cuddle with him and bring him treats. He also has improved on his doggie skills. Normally he is very timid and defensive around male dogs,even growls, NO problem at all with the 35 dogs in Jasper!

I am so proud of Rolo! He is NOT even close to the dog that we adopted but with time, positive reinforcement and a routine he is morphing into a completely different dog. It’s so strange to think back to 4 years ago and know that this dog didn’t even like me nor would come near me and now he is my shadow and really thinks of me as his mom. Please don’t give back your adopted pets after only a week with them, we cannot stress enough to say that it can take a while before the pet is comfortable and really opens up.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, a dietitian, a supplement guru, just a dog mom trying to do whats best for my dog. This is all from our personal experience and you should always consult a veterinarian about supplements, diets and other life changing decisions.

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