Happy Belated Father’s Day. #ilovedad

I did get online to post some photos this weekend to commemorate Father’s Day but I wasn’t able to upload my blog post from my phone. So with a little tweaking, I still want to take a minute to say how much we appreciate all the amazing father’s in this world. Whether you are a dad by blood or by love we are so lucky to have you in our lives. I consider myself a lucky girl because I am not blessed with just one dad, but three! My dad, my step dad and my father in law. All amazing men who I love dearly and they each play a significant role in my life. I am also so very lucky to be married to a very amazing guy. My husband is the best dad to his son (my stepson) and our dog Rolo. He is a great teacher, coach, listener, encourager, #1 fan, cook and loves his family more than anything and proves it to us daily. We are so lucky to have him in our lives!

As our blog is more centered on the bond between Rolo and I, many may not hear about him as much as we talk about ourselves. Rolo wanted to take a moment to thank his dad, Brett for being HIS dad.  Without Brett going to the Fort McMurray SPCA when he did, we wouldn’t have met Rolo, which means Rolo never would  have joined our family without him. Brett has taken the time to win the love of Rolo and let me tell you, it has been a long journey and they still work at it everyday. After all, I’m not going to be the one to feed Rolo steak and other meat (I am a vegetarian)Rolo cannot thank him enough for changing his life and making him apart of his. Brett is a very caring dog dad, when Rolo injured his back legs last year he took the time to make Rolo a custom ramp to get into the SUV. I know their bond is different

11149462_566206786854906_2334139302474342901_nOn Friday, Rolo had done the unthinkable to show his that he really does love him. Normally when his dad gets home from night shift, Rolo will stay on the main floor and well, wait for me to get home from work. Well on this day, Rolo followed him right upstairs and slept in his bed while his dad slept in his. This was a shocker when I received a photo. I asked how many treats did he have to give Rolo to make him do that, he said none.

We hope you all had an amazing father’s day and celebrate it with your loved ones. Do you have any father’s day stories? Share them with us in the comment section below. Tomorrow also happens to be a very special day here at our house! Rolo’s BIRTHDAY! Stay tuned for photos from his party and a special blog post <3

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