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As part of our Dr.Harvey’s review series we have another pet product for you today! This one doesn’t involve Rolo as I have hired a temp to fill in for him today as she is a better test subject than he would be. Meet Kit (pictured below). One of Rolo’s BFF’s. Kit has had serious ear problems as what I call floppy ear syndrome (it’s not really a real syndrome, it’s just what I call it). Some floppy eared dogs are more susceptible to ear infections and this is the case for kit. For a long time now, she has had problems with her ears; which left her with red, sore, inflamed and icky ears. She would always scratch them and make them more inflamed. I have been cleaning her ears a few times a day for a very long time and when they are being cleaned we no joke throughout the day use about 25 qtips and 6 cotton balls! We have been trying many things to get them to become un-sore and less of a bother to her as it was starting to affect her personality. She is the perfect test subject for this review and I cannot wait to share our findings!

IMG_3321Company:  Dr.Harvey’s
Item: Herbal Ear Wash
Twitter: @drharvey

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Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash is a gentle and effective solution for dogs. This soothing blend of herbal extracts:

  • Helps to eliminate ear wax
  • Helps to eliminate odors
  • Helps to prevent infections and heal abrasions
  • Promotes healthy new cell formation

Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash is never greasy, is easy to use and enjoyed by companion animals and guardians alike. Helps keep ears clean and healthy. Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash is a safe alternative to harsh chemical ear cleaners. (Paragraph Credit:

Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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The bottle is a good size(118ml), but also good for traveling and I love that it has a locking spout so you can apply the formula right to the ear and close it up when you are done. No need for a medicine dropper to apply this product! I feel like the bottle looks vintage, which I love! I also like the little added detail of the mini dog near the bottom of the bottle.

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I love the smell of this product and Kit doesn’t seem to mind it either!  No chemical smell just herbal! Actually the smells reminds me of when my yoga instructor would come around before savasana at the end of class and spray this essential oil  concoction into your hands and you are to inhale it and take in all the benefits as it relaxes you and gives you peace as your body unwinds.

IMG_2526Creativity of Product
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Kit would tell you how much she loves the benefits of the Herbal Ear Wash. In the photo she is enjoying her I call ear massage. She normally puts her head on my knees and I give her ears a full massage as the Herbal Ear Wash soaks in with a hand on each ear. She always closes her eyes too, maybe its the relaxing smell! She has been struggling for quite some time with her ears and I can finally say that this is working amazing for her! Her ears are no longer sore, red and produce a heck of a lot less ickyness (she has a yeast infection due to swimming everyday) to them! Remember how I said above that normally throughout the day I have to use 25 qtips and 6 cotton balls. She is now down to just 6 qtips and only 2 cotton balls. That is a huge jump and I am so excited to see the end results after we finish this bottle! Her owner has just purchased 3 more bottles to keep using to keep them squeaky clean.

Final Thoughts:
I am so impressed with this product! I had emailed my contact at Dr.Harvey’s just after a few days after trying it saying how well it has been working already. She doesn’t immediately start scratching her ears with her feet because this product doesn’t sting! No harsh chemicals, just herbal extracts and essential oils! When she would scratch her ears it would make them worse, so we were than getting back to square one because they would be irritated! BIG Thumbs up to Dr.Harvey’s for creating such a great product that works!  

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