#DIY – Frosty Dog Shots {Peanut Butter Flavored}

On Tuesday, June 23rd we celebrated Rolo’s Birthday. We hosted his party at his former shelter; the Fort McMurray SPCA at their dog park. As I was party planning I had wanted to make something frozen for the pups to enjoy as it has been nice weather here, minus the random rain storms. A few days before Rolo’s birthday I had created some frosty dog shots, peanut butter flavored. There really wasn’t a recipe to follow as its very hard to mess this one up. Below I will explain all the details that went into making them. The good thing about this recipe is you can change it to suit your dog! Instead of adding in a milkbone, top with a blueberry or a piece of cut up banana? Instead of a peanut butter flavor add in some crushed up fruit.
The possibilities are endless! Be Creative.

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Items Needed:
Edible: Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Granola, Oats & Milkbone Dog Treats
Other: Piping Bag, or use a Ziploc bag, Plastic shot glasses, Bowl, Spatula or mixing spoon, Cutting Board & Knife

Prep Time:
5 Minutes to make, 10 minutes to pipe into cups & 1-2 hours to freeze

1. I took out my cutting board and knife and since I was using Milkbones as decoration, I cut them each in half.
2. When cutting, keep the crumbs that falloff, were going to add that to the recipe, so there is no waste.
3. Add the bones to a bowl to use for later, add the crumbs from cutting the dog treats into your mixing bowl.
The consistency we are looking for is that of pancake batter, not supper runny but not stiff as you want to be able to pipe into the plastic shot glasses.
4. Add the items to the bowl. (yogurt, oats, oatmeal, peanut butter and the crumbs from the dog treats)

5. Mix well as you want the peanut butter to not end up in peanut butter balls.
6. Taste Test! Thumbs up..Rolo Approved
7. Add to your piping bag, I used a plastic bag and cut the corner off
8. Line all the plastic shot glasses up
9. Pipe into the plastic shot glasses, you can fill up all the way but I opted to fill just over half so I could make more.
10. Add the milkbones or whichever topping you choose to the top and freeze!
Voila Done and Enjoy!

Would you make this for your pups? or how would you change the recipe to suit your dog?
Share with us below in the comment section :D

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