Take Your Dog To Work Day #TYDTWD

Happy Friday Everyone! Today happens to be “Take Your Dog To Work Day(TYDTWD)”. It was created by Pet Sitters International back in 1996 in the United Kingdom. It was later adopted by the United States in 1999 and then has seen participation in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and various other places. It was created to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions. The Take Your Dog To Work Day is celebrated the Friday before Father’s Day. For those who do not have a dog the entire week leading up to the event, June 22-26, is Take Your Pet To Work Week!

psis_tydtwday_logoDoes your workplace allow pets? A long long time ago there was a time where there was about 7 or so dogs here at work including my Rolo. He came to work for about 2 years straight before sadly an employee ruined it for us. The only dogs here now are Rolo’s two BFF’s; Beatrice & KitKat
<–Photo Credit: http://www.petsit.com/takeyourdog/

Rolo & I celebrated Take your dog to work day, just a few days early as Rolo came to work on Tuesday(his birthday). He had fun visiting his friends and staying the whole day with me. He went off gallivanting with the girls outside (Here the dogs rule the yard) than they all came inside for a little nap. It was a great day!

IMG_3357 IMG_3358

There is just something about having pets at work that make everything more enjoyable and relaxing. I find myself talking to them all the time. I think everyone also loves coming out here because we always have dogs here to greet you! Many bring treats and we have a driver that comes here that has a ball thrower and will play outside with the dogs for a bit. Makes any bad day turn into a fabulous one!

Do you work with your pet?
Did your pet come to work with you today? or last week?
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