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Happy Tuesday Everyone! I am really excited to be bringing you this exclusive interview with Heyrex followed by a pet product review of their Torus Bowl. Rolo & I love going on road-trips and most of them happen to be long trips and this product brings travel bowl to a whole another level. How nice would it be for your pet to have constant water during your entire drive, rather than at “pee breaks/pitstops”. It also doubles as a inside water bowl too, perfect for the camper or inside your house! TORUS is PBA-free, with a 12-month warranty, and say goodbye to batteries or a plug in, because its not needed! Let’s get to know them!

bowl*What is the name of this business?
Heyrex Limiteda New Zealand business. We have two brands – Heyrex (wearable tech specifically for veterinary professionals) AND Torus – Water bowl solutions for pets. This feature focuses on Torus.

*Who is filling out this interview and how long have you been with the company?
Kim Goldsworthy – GM of Sales and Marketing, 2.5 years

*How long has Heyrex been around for and why was it started?
6 years, David Gibson – who passed away, sadly – wanted to develop products that increased the life and general wellness of pets, encompassing leading edge technologies and designs.

*Do you have any animals?
We are expecting our first puppy, a Border Terrier just before Christmas. A great addition to our family which includes two boys – 5 & 8, But we have lots of friends with pets and Torus bowls.

torus                                                             (Photo Credit: Provided by Heyrex)

*What do you specialize in?
I specialize in building brands and creating path to purchase in consumer products. I have a proven track record in this in New Zealand and Australia with many industries & categories.

*What makes your different from other companies?
Firstly we are a New Zealand-based business. The design, invention and team are all located here. Secondly our products are unique. While Torus is a water bowl, its perhaps closest to a fountain as it has flowing water. However there is no requirement for a power source or battery.

IMG_3297We identified three pain points with pet owners – constant refilling of bowls, water always looking dirty even when just refreshed and as the bowl moves water is spilled everywhere.

The water is stored in the reservoir walls keeping it clean. It holds up to 2L of water, meaning less fill ups required.   As the water passes into the bowl, it goes through an activated carbon filter purifying the water. The small amount of water dispensed means fresh clean and flowing water when your pet needs it. That coupled with the ergonomic grips and patented design make for no mess or spills.  

Torus has three functions – 1. To fill the water from water source. 2. To flow, allowing pets to drink when they want and 3. A Lock. This lock means the water in the reservoir is safe for traveling, as it is totally portable.

In fact its low-level water fill and design makes it ideal for RVs on the move! Ideal for putting in the car for long trips, taking to the beach, park, etc.

IMG_3571*What types of services do you offer?
We are introducing a smaller bowl later this year, one 1L which will come in the much anticipated pink as well as blue, red and charcoal.

Heyrex is another brand in out stable. Exclusive to Veterinary Professionals it offers patient wearable technology for managing post-operative recovery, monitoring treatment response, identifying early signs of pruritus and mobility issues, tracking sleep disturbance and behavioral issues and setting exercise plans and weight loss.


*What is the price range?
2L $59.95
1L $54.95
(Available in Sept)
Filters $17.95

*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of your company?

Torus-number-1-dog-bowl*Any special events coming up this year for you?
Lots of pet trade industry launches around the world. It has been selling on for over a year and recently achieved No. 1 best selling Dog Bowl status. (CONGRATS from Rolo & I, that’s an amazing achievement!)


*What inspires you?
Passion, enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, coupled with hint of risk taking and an open mind.
In a pet – playfulness, unspoken love and loyalty
In a product – quality, uniqueness, problem solving, innovation and design.

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2015?
We are launching new Torus products this year and more next .

Our immediate focus is opening new markets so new customers and pets can enjoy the benefits of Torus. We attended Global Pet this year and now have partnerships in Australia, Europe, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, UAE, United Kingdom.   We hope to add many more to that list this year, including USA and Canada.

*Do you do any charity work?
We sponsor LandSAR New Zealand – Search and Rescue Dogs in New Zealand

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