Inside look at Rolo’s #barkday #pawty

IMG_3274Rolo’s Birthday was last week (June 23rd) and we hosted him a birthday party at his former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA, in their new dog park. Ill give you some insight as some things you can do at your own pups party to make it pawsome! Check out our happy Birthday blog post we did for him too  –> Click Here <–

BUT FIRST, Here is a look into what Rolo did for his birthday.

His whole birthday was full of fun!  He started off with a birthday cookie for breakfast! We also had another one for him to eat at his birthday party too! Than he was ever so excited as I was going to bring him to work with me (I do have a full-time job too!) Rolo used to go to work with me for about 2 years before someone ruined that and our pets (except management) were no longer able to come. He had an amazing day hanging out with his best-friends, Kit & Beatrice. They went off gallivanting outside and enjoyed nap time together and many treats. After work we drove up to the Fort McMurray SPCA and started setting up for his party. They’re were a bunch of dogs who showed up with their owners and we had a great time. He went to sleep as soon as we got home as he was POOPED!

IMG_3242I had an area dedicated to where the food and treats were going to be. I bought a $2.00 Happy Birthday banner and made some flowers from napkins. For the napkin flowers I used 3 colors. I just layered different color napkins on top of each other and scrunched together. I taped the one end so they would stay together. For human snacks I had brought with me 2 bags of chips, 4 pops and some candy.For one of the human or dog snacks I had made bone-wiches. At home I have a bone shaped cookie cutter and made some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and cut out bone shapes with them. I only made about 7 sandwiches for this. Another cute thing I have seen is you cut out meat and cheese with the bone cutter. For the pups I had brought some various dog treats.

IMG_3010As it is summertime and the weather is hot, we needed something cool for the pups besides a few buckets of water. I made these frozen treats a few days prior to the party and left them in the freezer until party time.  They were a huge hit at the party and even the picky pets ate them! They were so simple to make and only needed a few ingredients. Rolo still has a few left over at home and he gets one every day.
—> Click Here for Instructions & Recipe <—

Another thing that I did at Rolo’s birthday was also make it a donation drive for his former shelter. We love giving back to our community and just because it was his party, doesn’t mean that we can’t help out others. I contacted local pet business’, which we happen to be friends with a lot of the owners. We got them to donate items to put into swag bags. Some donated discount coupons, samples, pens, calendars, magazine and various other items. We put them all into special bags and if someone donated either money or a material item (toys, treats etc) they received a swag bag. These swag bags rocked there was so many different items in there like food samples & custom tennis balls!

If you head on over to our Facebook page: you will see a whole album from his birthday over there with tons of photos :)

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated swag bags and attended Rolo’s Birthday, he had a lot of fun and we cant wait to do it again next year!

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