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Today on our blog we are doing our second to last pet product review for our Dr.Harvey’s review series. NOW introducing to you; Herbal Protection Shampoo. This is an herbal alternative to harsh chemical shampoos which means it’s also Eco-friendly. This shampoo is for all types of pets but is perfect for dogs with allergy-prone skin & skin sensitivities BUT it can be used for puppies and just everyday dogs like Rolo.Rolo does not know how to swim and he does not like to have baths outside but as you call tell from the photo below after his bath, he was smiling! This will now be a regular occurrence at our house!

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Item: Herbal Protection Shampoo
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Let’s start this product review!

IMG_3412Appearance & Design
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The bottle is a good-sized, 16oz bottle that will last a fair share of bath times as you really don’t need that much shampoo to get your entire dog cleaned. I used a palm sized dollop to wash Rolo and he isn’t a small dog. I also love that they went with the same labeling like the ear wash we did a review for as well. Its vintage looking and states in big words what it is. I was really excited to use Rolos towel, that has been used only a few times


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I love the smell of this, almost reminds me of the ear wash. It has a fresh, herbal smell but it isn’t overpowering.

Testing Process:
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I washed Rolo the hard way this time as he doesn’t like the water hose. He’s a big chicken. I filled a large plastic bin with water and then used a cup to scoop water on him. So I added the soap to my hand after I got all of Rolo’s fur wet. I rubbed it all in. I did all areas except from his collar up as he doesn’t like water on his face, normally I used a cloth and clean him up if he is dirty. I massaged the soap in(rolo loooved that!), and then stated using cupfuls of water to wash it all off. It didn’t take that long at all to get all the soap off. Dr.Harvey’s was  right when they said easy-to-rinse and in no time Rolo.

Final Thoughts:
I’m really happy with the results of the shampoo, he still smells nice. His fur is all soft and the massaging in of the shampoo did some de-shedding, which is much needed as he is half husky! I love that it is also biodegradable which means its not going to harm any water supply and most importantly as an animal advocate, cruelty-free!

Check out all the things that make this shampoo amazing:

  • Effective Prevention
  • Detergent-free, with no harsh soaps
  • No Sodium laurel sulfate
  • Organic and All-Natural Ingredients
  • Easy-to-rinse
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • No sulfates, parabens, or artificial colors or fragrance
  • No animal by-products
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty-free
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