Pet Spotlight – Shepp, Maisy & Honey

*What is your name and where are you from?

Lucy, South East England

*What are your pet(s): (Age, Breed & Name)?
Maisy, about 13-years-old, Black Lab X Collie
Honey, about 3-years-old, Staffy X Whippet X Collie
Shepp, about 11-months-old, Border Collie
**All Photos of Maisy, Honey & Shepp on this page are credited to their mom Lucy.

Gorgeous trioTRio
(Photo Credits: Lucy)

*What are some interesting facts about your pet(s)?
Maisy won her national heat of Scruffts, and got to the semi-final at Discover Dogs in London! I was unbelievably proud of my little rescued dog who has come such a long way! When we first rescued her she Scruffts4was very fearful and reactive. She would growl if you went near her whilst she was eating her dinner, treats, in her bed, or if she had stolen anything of ours. Now I can stroke her and do anything with her – we even curl up in her bed together! She is the sweetest little girl, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her! She is our little angel! It just goes to show that she only reacted the fearful way she did all those years ago because of how badly she had been treated. She clearly felt she had no choice but to growl and stiffen, but once she realised she was loved and had nothing to fear anymore, her true loving self shone through. I trust her completely now. At the semi-finals she was beaten in the Golden Oldie class only by the dog who then went onto win the whole competition at Crufts 2015!

Honey came from an even worse situation, and as one of the most overbred and euthanized breed in rescues, my Mum felt she had to rescue a Staffy (X). Honey is an incredible ambassador for her breed, but she is also well looked after, and not over excited. She is such a calm and laid back little girl! She loves nothing more than food, cuddles, warmth, and her beds!! She gets on with anyone and anything! When my parents first adopted Maisy Honeyher she was a shell of a dog. She had been so abused that she flinched at anything, you never saw her tail as it was forever stuck underneath to her tummy, and she wouldn’t even eat she was so depressed! She would just follow my Mum around like a shadow, constantly cowering. Now her little tail is always wagging – you just have to say her name, laugh, or even just look at her for it to magically wag! She also puts her ears up a lot now when she is interested, and she will go off to her bed to sleep by herself and not feel worried! She will still hide behind us on walks sometimes if she gets nervous, but she is such a good girl! She has even had dogs go for her, and she never retaliates!! She scoffs her food down, so we had to buy her a slow feeder as she would get bad wind! The fact she adores her food so much, just shows how desperately depressed she was before to refuse food! Her one negative is she loves fox poo!! She has gone from that terrified little shell of a dog, to a happy dog who now loves life, and was chosen to model for global pet brand Beco Pets!! She was a little darling at the photo shoot and she was so well-behaved! She did us proud and she had a fantastic day, filled with fuss, toys and treats! Beco Pets have also featured in the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory!

Shepp was signed over to a Welsh pound and could have been pts immediately. Thankfully he was saved by the pound pullers who found a fantastic rescue, who in turn urgently found him a foster place. He went through four fosters. I think it is only his wonderful character and strength of spirit which kept him alive. Even though he had such an unsettling puppy hood, he has really bonded with me and knows I am his forever SheppBecoPetsboneMum. It makes me so proud when friends and family comment on how much he has improved already, and when strangers say how well-behaved he is and what a good job I have done with him already, I literally beam! It means a lot, for the hard work he and I have put in together to be so apparent to other people! My heart was broken from losing our beautiful rescued 21-year-old Border Collie X German Shepherd just over a year before, and I was not coping. Shepp came along and has mended the remaining pieces of my broken heart. When I get sad, I just look at him and feel a sense of peace and happiness. Shepp was also chosen by global pet brand Beco Pets to be a model for their fantastic Eco-friendly, strong, durable, pretty colored range of beds, toys, bowls, and poo bags! He had a fabulous day at the photo shoot, filled with treats, attention, and toys! He is such a little poser and he did me proud! He was perfect! He did everything I asked him to, which is incredible for a puppy who has had such an unsettled short life, and he really impressed everyone! I think it is truly wonderful that such a great, well-known brand chose our rescue dogs to be part of their photo shoot!  Now Shepp is safe, happy and loved and learning to enjoy life as all dogs should, he is now trying to raise awareness of other rescue dogs, and pound dogs, and encourage people to adopt rather than shop. He has his own Facebook page where people can follow his adventures, and he has quite a lot of fans already! I love taking beautiful photos, and he is my favorite subject! We are a perfect match as he loves posing!

Shepp-pub*What is your pet (s) favorite treat?
Anything!! I prefer to give them organic, 100% meat treats, and grain-free baked doggy goods, plus fresh carrots! Honey also loves sweet potatoes – she steals them from the kitchen!

*What is your pet(s) favorite trick?

“Paw” and “roll over”!
Shepp also has learned 19 tricks now and gained his Novice Trick Dog Title! His favorite tricks are “take a bow”, “bang” and “crawl”!

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
Adopting a rescue is the best thing you will ever do!

*What’s your favorite thing to do with your pet(s)?

I love taking them for lovely long walks in the beautiful countryside, along fantastic beaches, and to friendly pubs. I also love just cuddling them at home, playing with them, and doing training with them which creates a great bond! Agility and fly ball are also great fun, and it’s wonderful to see them constantly improve. Maisy is by far the oldest at our agility club, yet she’s one of the fastest!! I’m so proud of her!
(Photo Credits: Lucy)

*What is your favorite quote?
To err is human, to forgive canine.
My dog, a heartbeat at my feet.
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. – Josh Billings
Rescue is not a breed. It is a term used for animals that have been let down by humans. – from myself, Lucy Smith
The more people I meet, the more I love my dog!
Every dog will have his day!

*Do your pets (s) love to go for car rides?
Shepp: Yes, he does now! Shepp used to be absolutely terrified of cars when I first adopted him. He would not go anywhere near stationary cars. He would go flat on the ground and try to pull away, when he was still meters away from any car! I would have to pick him up and put him in the car, and be very careful closing and opening the doors as he would try to get out as quick as he could and run off. However, moving vehicles he would bark and lunge at! Now he loves my car! He has learnt that going in a car isn’t scary anymore, and cars now take him to nice places like walks, to see family and friends, and to friendly pubs! He now pulls towards my car when we go outside, and he will stay in the car, even with the door open, until he is given the command to jump out! It’s so lovely to see him enjoying himself now rather than being scared. To see him improve with all of his issues day-by-day is so rewarding! His chasing, barking and lunging of moving vehicles is also so much better now. He will still watch it, but he is much calmer, and not even nearly as reactive anymore. He is obviously still in training, but the improvements already are huge!

*What’s your favorite animal product?
They love their Beco Pets and Kong products, which are great and keep them amused and having fun! Maisy loves all toys, and Honey loves her warm, snugly beds haha!
HoneySheppBecoPetsbowlsShepp SmithMaisy eyes
(Photo Credits: Lucy)

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
It is important to realize the extreme problems we have currently with over-breeding and pets being treated like objects. Pets are living, breathing creatures who have heartbeats! Volunteering in a rescue is very rewarding, and can help a lot of little lives. To truly understand animal rescue, you need to volunteer and see their little faces for yourself. You will gain new skills, have a sense of achievement, and give something back to the community. Fostering is another vital way you can help. It is temporary but really saves lives. The problem we have today is so many cats and dogs are being overbred, as well as so many being abused, neglected and abandoned, and there just aren’t enough good homes. Fostering is much kinder to the animal, as they are in a home environment, and it also usually helps them get adopted as people can relate, and seeing them in a home means they can imagine them in their own home, and it also saves them from being put to sleep.

*Anything extra you would like to add?
There should be a lot of thought before making the decision to bring a pet into your home, financially, time-wise, and understanding. They are a big responsibility, and are one of the biggest joys on earth!
Please follow Shepp on his adventures as he continues to enjoy life, how every dog should!

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**All Photos of Maisy, Honey & Shepp on this page are credited to their mom Lucy.

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