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Have you ever had a case of the “I Miss My Pet(s)” Travel Flu? It’s a type of flu that leaves you feeling empty, sick, imcomplete and sooky. We adopted Rolo 4+ years ago and since that date I have only (as much as I hate it) traveled
Untitledwithout him a handful of times. I try to take him to as many places as I can by vehicle because sadly Rolo cannot fly due to his Epilepsy and I would never put him into a situation that could trigger a seizure due to stress. If he could go on a plane and sit at my feet, he would totally be able to do it. But as he would have to go under the plane, there is no way that he would be able to do it. I have even found myself choosing to drive to far away places rather than flying so that he is able to come with me. To tell you the truth, I get anxiety when I leave Rolo especially when it’s for extended periods of time. He is dependent on me and I have come to believe that I am the best person in this world to take care of him and no one can do it like I can. I have learned every sound, face and movement that he makes and what they all mean. I wanted to make this blog post to help teach you some ways to cope with leaving your pets behind because sometimes we have no choice.

I love pet sitters.It’s so convenient to have someone just come to your house and take care of your pet. I personally don’t think Rolo would do so well at a kennel so I like to keep him at home but that’s because he is so high maintenance. The first time I used a pet sitter they came over for a meeting, I had about 4 pages of paperwork to fill out as they didn’t want to miss any detail about Rolo’s routine. Throughout the days she was watching Rolo I got emails with photos and details about the day. That made me so happy to see him. When choosing a pet sitter be sure to go with someone who is insured, has a business license, pet first aid and lots of references. This is your fur-baby we are talking about! Do the same research as you would do while choosing a daycare for your child, after all they are your children too! As Rolo is getting older I opted to have my mom come up and stay full-time  instead of the normal 2 times a day check-in with Rolo throughout the day as I go on my next trip. He is so lucky to have such a great Grandma!

Skype is an amazing tool that allows people connect through the internet with video for free if you have an iPhone and someone else you know has an iPhone you can also face-time! I love using PicMonkey CollageSkype! I even had one of my bridesmaids who lived in Europe at the time Skype me while I was getting my wedding dress, so she could join in. My first time ever leaving Rolo, I went to Vegas with my hubby for 4 nights. I had my pet sitter set up a time where I could Skype Rolo. I did this for me and for him as I knew he would miss me and I missed him terribly. I sat downstairs at the Excalibur hotel with my hubby’s phone in the food court as I talked to Rolo. When Rolo hears the word BooBoo he goes bonkers. That’s why he was tilting his head. He knew it was me! I look like a sad wreck because I missed him so much! It made the trip much easier for me.  I also have a camera in my home where I can watch live feed fro my iPhone (I can also change the temperature, turn on the ac, turn on a light, open doors…it’s pretty high tech!) I happened to place it where Rolo sits most of the day.

As I never go anywhere without my phone, it always has a ton of photos of Rolo on it. I find myself always looking through it, also checking the video camera at home to see what he is up to. If you are going somewhere that you are not bringing your phone or are leaving it in your hotel room safe most of the time, bring a photo and put it in your wallet. For my wedding down in Mexico in 2014, as Rolo was unable to attend. On my bouquet I had a special organza bag that in that bag was reminders of things I wish could be there, including a little ceramic Rolo shaped charm. So Rolo could attend the wedding, and walk me down the isle. Rolo did in fact attend my “legal wedding” at home.

We hope that some of our tips and ideas can help put your mind at ease while being away from your pets. What are some things you do to deal with leaving your pets behind? Share below in the comments.

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