Pet Spotlight – Kaydoh & Maverick

unnamed3*What is your name?
Jennifer Mumford

*Where are you from?
Nova Scotia

*What is your pet(s): (Age, Breed & Name)?
Kaydoh Is a 4 ½ year old Pitbull mix
Maverick is a 10 month old Shepherd/Husky mix

*What are some interesting facts about your pet(s)?
hmmm, Well We took Kaydoh from a situation where he was not receiving proper care and attention, he was less than a year old at the time and was very timid and untrusting, but over the years he has become my best friend and is one of the BEST Dogs I have ever owned !

We adopted Maverick ( formerly Motley) from Pawsitive Changes Animal Rescue society Last October, He came from Fort Mackay. He is so funny and sweet! and very very smart ( even though he loves to pretend he is not lol) He was our first “ official “ rescue and has stolen our hearts time and time again over the last 10 months :)
unnamed*What is your pet (s) favorite treat?
Kaydoh and Maverick’s ALL TIME favorite treat is dehydrated Mango!

*What is your pet(s) favorite trick?
Kaydoh loves it when he gets to * Sit and Speak*
Maverick is all about the * Paw, ok now other paw!*

*Where is your pet(s) favorite place to go?
Maverick loves to go for walks, doesn’t matter where! and Kaydoh hears the word Coffee and he is at the door waiting to go to McDonald’s for Coffee with Dad!

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
I absolutely love that we were able to take our two boys from less than savory situations and give them a stable home where they are spoiled and loved very much. We like to believe that both Kaydoh and Maverick are really very happy that they got to come live with a “mom and dad” who make sure they have the best lives we can possibly give them :)

unn2amed*What’s your favorite thing to do with your pet(s)?
My favorite thing to do with Kaydoh is cuddle! he is such a loving cuddly boy! and with Maverick it’s playing outside with his ball or bone or any toy at all lol… You can tell he enjoys it very much :)

*What is your favorite quote?
“ The world would be a better place if everyone loved as unconditionally as a dog”

*Favorite website to get pet information from?

*Do your pets (s) love to go for car rides?
Kaydoh is the Car ride king!! …. Maverick hates the car with a passion that rivals a hurricane lol

un2named*What’s your favorite animal product?
that would definitely be “Top Paw Fresh Breeze Oatmeal Baking soda Shampoo” and out “ Kong Zoom Groom Dog Brush”… both are fantastic products!!

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?

Yes it is very important! Those animals need love and attention and care until they are adopted by their forever families! The volunteers are the face of compassion that makes abused/abandoned/surrendered animals feel safe again!

*Anything extra you would like to add?
To anyone and everyone that owns a pet of any kind…. it is Such a short little life our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.

It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them, always show them love and affection… YOU are their whole world!

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