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Today we are bringing you an exclusive business interview with Todd from Hot Dog Collars. We will also be doing a pet product review on a few of their of items they have also(this will be on a separate blog post). If you browse Hot Dog Collars website you will find so many items that you can get personalized including, collars, ID tags, leashes, mesh harness’ and t-shirts just to name a few! They have over 25,000 styles, colors, styles of collars and other pet products and are growing everyday which also includes all your sports themed items (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA). Let’s get to know them.

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Twitter: @Hotdogcollars
Pinterest: Hotdogcollars
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Instagram: @Hotdogcollars

*What is the name of this business?
Hot Dog Collars

*Who is filling out this interview?
Todd Handler

*How long have you been with the company for?
Since founding it in 2003

*How long has this business been around for?
Hot Dog Collars was originally known as Bunkers Backyard and was founded in 2003

*Why was it started?
A love of dogs, unique and innovative pet products, and a passion for web design and development. All 3 led me to start this online pet business and achieve double-digit growth every year for a decade.

*Do you have any animals?
Bunker the Bulldog
IMG_20120909_172218 bunker
(Photo Credit: Todd from Hot Dog Collars VIA Toni)

*What do you specialize in?
Personalized Dog Collars, Engraved ID Tags, and the world’s largest single source selection of unique dog accessories

rubit_shaped_dog_tag_clips__98130.1434745738.1280.1280*What makes your different from other companies?
Selection, Service, and Price! No one can match us on all 3.
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*What types of services do you offer?

365 returns/exchanges, lifetime guarantees, photo contests, and a charity donation program

*What is the company’s mission?
Personalize the Pets of the World

*What is the price range?
Average product cost is less than $10, but still guaranteed to last

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
we donate to over 50 rescues, shelters, and pet focused charities every year. Each of which has their own events which we share via our social media handles

*What inspires you?
Seeing good people do good things for good dogs. The media is full of sad stories about pets and how people treat them. But we see the exact opposite and recognize that the majority of pet owners in this country treat
their dog as a member of the family

*Products1044-1500x1500-143562__19490.1391572253.1280.1280What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2015?
More donations via our RUFF program (Rescue Us For Freedom), 4000 new products added, and more options for bundles and discounts. Learn more about the RUFF Program —>
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*Do you do any charity work?
yep, see above :)

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