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Good Morning Everyone! Nice to be back up and blogging! I have been absent for 11 days as I went off to my hubby’s home province of Newfoundland, Canada for a visit with all of his family. Rolo was in the good hands of my mother, who flew up from BC to watch him for me. Rolo ended up having two very strange seizures as I was gone. I am believing that they were caused by stress from not seeing me for so long. You all now know how strong our bond is together, he just missed his momma! Now back to blogging! Today on our blog we are bringing you a spotlight on two companies that go hand in hand to raise money for rescues! Crafty Paws Creations and Paw It Forward. Read all about them below!

*What is the name of your business’?
Crafty Paws Creations (Business – online shop selling my own and other vendors crafts, art and apparel and donating a portion of proceeds to rescue)  and Paw it Forward: a Cause for the Paws (fundraising and rescue organization.)

9442765*Who is filling out this interview?
Angie Kober, Founder of both organizations
<– (Photo Credit:

*How long have you been with the company for?
Started business in 2015

*Why was it started?
Because I felt compelled to do more than just be a rescue Mom for my rescue babies, I saw there was a need to help larger rescues raise funds and I saw a small need for a Bulldog and Senior Rescue in my area (Montana)

*Do you have any animals?
WOW, I have a lot! I have 5 furkids inside the home. You can see photos of her furfamily here –>
Louis is my oldest rescue he is a cow dog mix, we rescued him as a pup almost 10 yrs ago now he is a noisy little guy but still acts and looks like a puppy! Sadly last year he broke his hip but after amazing surgery you certainly wouldn’t know it!

Bella, my English Bulldog Girl, a grumpy little diva!! She just turned 5! and rules the roost…Then there is Dodge another cow dog mix that goes to work with his Dad every day, we rescued him from being euthanized by a neighboring rancher as he had a prolapse bum issue, he was just 5 weeks old and a feisty little guy with a lot of fight so we want to give him a chance, more than 4 vets told us to euthanize him until we came to a specialist that told us to use (human) hemorrhoids cream and it works!! So he is a happy, lively big guy that occasionally needs some cream :)

BoBo a rescue English Bulldog that is 2 yrs old – I rescued him from a bad situation in February he was 30lbs under weight, didn’t have any vaccinations, was extremely yeasty from low-cost food and unfortunately very scared. He hadn’t had any structure and was bonded with a sister that sadly had been sold before I got him…he was depressed. Anyway, I foster failed and he is staying with me to live out his life and is now a chunk, healthy and happy and we are working on our manners as he acts like a puppy!!

Bailey Rae, my forever foster that I broke out of Animal Control to prevent her being euthanized she is roughly 12/13 yrs old blind and deaf and was petrified (understandably so) when we got her. I have been working with my amazing vet to make her more comfortable and we flushed her ears out, gave her an eye lift a(s her eyes were sinking in and her lashes were causing a lot of irritation) she got a new hair do and she got a dental! An amazing follower of my page donated a Muffin Halo to help her get around in new spaces and she is one happy bunny – she juts needed a soft place to lay her head and home to know she is safe for however many days , hopefully years she has left!

Then I have 2 (not so) mini Potbelly pigs – Dolly Parton and Pudge – both are cases of folks not doing their research and buying these ‘fads’ of mini pigs and when hey out grow their mini status they dump them, pigs are very intelligent and get extremely attached! Dolly P has been with us over a year and Pudge only just a arrived a few weeks ago – she is so depressed it breaks my heart but Dolly is helping and she is coming out of her shell ad is safe now!

Then we have 5 horses – 2 of which are rescue’s as well – Tex, Amber, Cornflake (rescue), Cadillac and Winnie – she is my rescue big baby – a Clydesdale I rescued when she was not even 2 years old, she was emaciated and abused but now at 7 you would never know it! She is the biggest love bug of them all! We have had many animals rescue’s and otherwise over the years – some I adopted out and others passed to the rainbow bridge and ALL will live on in my heart forever!

*What do you specialize in?
Animal rescue, advocacy and fundraising.

*What types of services do you offer?
10995816_1653545028202354_6050798724624992754_nI offer for large rescue and PRIVATE HOMES (folks that have an animal they love and take excellent care of but need help with an unexpected medical bill etc) fundraising with my organization Paw it Forward: a Cause for the Paws. I also run a very small (kennel free, relying on myself and a handful of amazing foster parents) rescue for seniors of any breed and English Bulldogs in Montana. I am having a massive fundraiser for Southern California Bulldog Rescue starting tomorrow – Thursday, July 16th. Then another later in August for my organization to help raise funds for a few wheelchairs for pets in need that are in good private homes. (Photo Credit: Paw It Forward – A Cause For The Paws Facebook Page)

 e5852b_ed2868a6b40a4194971bdb4c355126eb.jpg_srz_p_752_207_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzMy Business Crafty Paws Creations is an online shop where I sell my product and other vendors and artisans sell their product and EVERY item we sell a portion of proceeds go to Paw it Forward: a Cause for the Paws highlighted rescue of the month. Products rage from personalized pet artwork, apparel and accessories, home decor and pet supplies. We only sell responsibly sourced, animal cruelty free products. (Photo Credit:

*What is the approx. cost?
Varies extremely – a pet portrait can set you back over $500 by our talented artist but you can also buy a beautiful soy candle for $15

*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of you?
No appointment necessary but you can’t contact me: or

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
Yes big fundraisers throughout the year! Check out my Facebook page: for upcoming events or website’s OR

August 13-16th there is an online facebook auction that you can join here:

*What inspires you?
Animals in need, doing my bit to make a difference and many amazing folks that I am blessed to call friends and have been doing this for many more years than I!

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2015?
Make a difference to animals lives, raise a lot of money for rescue (in just 2 months I have already raised over $10,000 for rescues and private home – I got a wheelchair for a French bulldog in need, I helped an English Bulldog get the care she needed, another dog get a surgery for a heart issues, I have donated countless items to the fundraisers for animal rescues, I have raised over $7000 for one rescue in CA and have 3 more fundraisers organized. I have rescued 2 Bulldogs this year and help reach countless others.) my business to grow and get more vendors and folks to be happy buying great products AND support rescue!

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Facebook:  and Crafty Paws Creations a Business Page
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Instagram: ACauseforthePaws

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