Thankful for Such an Amazing Mommy!

11 days has been the longest time that I have ever been away from Rolo since we adopted him. Sadly, Rolo cannot fly due to his epilepsy & anxiety, or I would have brought him with us.  I flew across Canada with my hubby to Newfoundland to visit his family and go sight-seeing. What was I going to do with Rolo? We have lots of friends in town here that are licensed pet sitters but due to Rolo’s tendencies, a pet sitter that only checks on him a few times a day would not suffice, for my over-protectiveness or his needs. I needed someone to be there most of the day with him.  Mom agreed to fly up and watch him for me, she would come a few days before our trip and stay a few days after we got back so she got in some quality family time with us too.

1527077_10152812699063531_5876330402658745183_nI cannot tell anyone how much my mom means to me, she has the biggest heart (I think this is where I get it from!). Over the years I cannot count how many hours she has dedicated her time to others. Whether it would be the 30 years she has been involved with the Girl Guides of Canada or  volunteering her time at the Canadian Cancer Society. She has always been this way! I remember her volunteering for meals on wheels when I was a child as well as making little care packages for the local women’s shelter where we used to live. This woman is amazing! She has given me someone to look up to and strive to be like! I actually entered a contest a few years back for Mother’s Day and told them why I thought my mom should win, my explanation of her won! SO we got to spend the day at the spa! I love my mom!

Of course before I left I gave my mom the rundown of how Rolo’s day goes as he is on a routine that we like to stick to. I also made a check off list chart with instructions on it for her to follow (crazy organized I know). She also had our vets number, just in case. I also put another yoga mat down on the floor in the kitchen just to be prepared. Saying goodbye to Rolo is always hard, even if I am just heading off to work for the day. If you head on over to our Facebook page ( you will see a video I made as we said goodbye, he was sad to see me leave and I was sad to say goodbye. Here are some photos we took as well. I have worked so hard over these past 4 years to create an unbreakable bond between us. I also got to facetime with Rolo while I was away a few times! I loved it because I missed him so much!

Rolo got his levels checked for his canine epilepsy medication (Phenobarbital) in June and his levels were perfect, right where they needed to be. I didn’t both to tell mom what to do if Rolo was to have a seizure because I believed that he would not have one. The medication has been working so well with him until he becomes immune to that dosage and it’s time to up his medication (normally every 11 months).

letterRolo’s seizures are not triggered by anything like smells, lights, sounds or food. In easy terms, if he is not on enough medication, he will have seizures. Which is how we know when to up it. EXCEPT while I was away I found out that Rolo also has seizures from anxiety/stress. I didn’t think he would have one while I was away but the day before I was heading back at 11pm he had one and then again the next day. It was my mistake to not prepare my mom for this but I really didn’t think it would happen. I am so thankful that mom was there with him during it and he was not alone at home with no one. Could you imagine!

I love my mom and I am so happy that she took time to come up and watch Rolo for me and also spend some time with me <3 I am so grateful for everything you do!

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