NHV Natural Pet Products {Wrap Up Post}

Today on our blog we are doing a wrap up post of NHV Natural Pet Products as we conducted a review series over the past month and a bit. I’m going to give a short little recap of each product and then link up the FULL pet product review we have done on each NHV Natural Pet product. As a dog mom who loves using natural products this line is amazing. One thing that really stood out to me if the size of the bottles. I have purchased milk thistle in the past as Rolo takes it to protect his liver form his canine epilepsy medication. The bottle was $25 and contained only 40ml in it. The NHV Natural Pet Product supplements we reviewed are all 100ml bottles and are very reasonably priced! I am happy with the service that I have received by Wendy at NHV and will continue to give them our support. These products rock and its so convenient that they come with a medicine dropper right inside the bottle! Online you will find an abundance of natural supplements & products for not just dogs, but also cats and small exotic animals. Humans can even take these, and I did taste test all of them!

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BUT FIRST before our wrap up, want to learn more about NHV Natural Pet Products?
Check out our exclusive interview I did with them.
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IMG_3618{ Matricalm }
Matricalm has been a miracle worker while at the camper! Rolo used to be a pain in the bum while at the camper (you can read the full story on our review, link below). It has allowed me to sleep! As when Rolo is somewhere not in his comfort zone (anywhere but at home) he gets anxiety during the night, this works!
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{ Milk Thistle }
Having a dog who has Canine Epilepsy and takes medication two times a day, it’s important to protect his liver as side effects from his phenobarbital medication are liver damage over time. As Rolo will be on medication for the rest of his life. Milk thistle helps protect and detoxify his liver and kidneys.
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{ Multi Essentials }
Do you take your daily vitamins? I do, but I kinda cheated and I take the vitamin gummies. Rolo doesnt even notice that this is on his food when he takes it. You can also administer directly into their mouth, but I prefer onto his food.  The multi essentials is like a daily vitamin for dogs, it helps boost metabolism, acts as an energy booster and digestive aid. As well as other things!
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IMG_3778{ Thyro-Up }
This is a natural herbal supplement made to support dogs with hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland is located in the neck which produces a hormone called thyroxine that controls metabolism. With Hypothyroidism, the gland cannot produce enough of that hormone.  Some symptoms include: weight gain, muscle loss, loss of appetite, sluggishness and hair loss.
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{Turmeric }
Waaaay back in the day it was once used as a dye but then was found to have medicinal properties. Turmeric really is a super herb, just Google for yourself the added benefits for humans and pets because the list is quite long!
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Where can you get your paws on these product?!

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