Book Spotlight – Grow Young With Your Dog


*What is the name of the book?
Grow Young with Your Dog

*Who is filling out this interview?
Mary Debono

*What is your involvement with this book?

*How was the book started and what was your inspiration?
I’ve always had a passion for helping animals and their people live happier, healthier lives, so I developed a natural approach, called Debono Moves, that people can use to help themselves and their dogs enjoy enhanced flexibility, balance, vitality and confidence while deepening the human-canine bond. I wrote Grow Young with Your Dog so that people all over the world can learn how to minimize the effects of injury and aging as they deepen the human-canine connection and happily grow younger together!

*When was it released?
November 11, 2014

*What is the cost of the book?
The book lists for $9.97 for the Kindle edition and $14.97 for the paperback edition (the paperback edition is often discounted).   Purchase of the book entitles the reader to 55 minutes of online video and 3 ½ hours of online audio instruction.

*Who was it published by?
Ruby Red Press (my own publishing company)

*Who was it written by?
Mary Debono, GCFP

*Who was it illustrated by?
Photos by Kathy Upton and Gary Waskowsky

*Where can someone get a copy of this book?
Amazon: Click Here
The Feldenkrais Store: Click Here
Barnes & Noble: Click Here

*What is the book about?
Grow Young with Your Dog teaches you how to help yourself and your dog feel better and move more joyfully. In this book I describe how I have helped dogs heal completely from injuries and surgeries, move well despite arthritis and hip dysplasia, recover from a paralyzing stroke and run and play again after being classified as “too old to recover”.

The pioneering system that I created to help these dogs is called Debono Movessm. This gentle approach combines the science of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to overcome injury or disease by forming new neural pathways, with the healing power of love. This potent synergy helps us achieve higher levels of functioning, connection and awareness with our animal companions.

Grow Young with Your Dog will teach you how to use gentle contact and supportive movements to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Minimize the risk of injury
  • Comfort the aging and infirm
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Enhance vitality and well-being
  • Facilitate healing after injury, surgery or illness
  • Cultivate a deep bond between human and canine
  • Lessen the effects of arthritis, hip dysplasia and aging

One of the unique characteristics of Debono Moves is that it is designed to help you improve right along with your dog. That’s why this book is accompanied by audio recordings of easy-to-do exercises that can help rid you of stiffness, stress, aches and poor posture, while gaining flexibility, better balance and improved coordination. In short, you’ll feel younger.

I think of this program as investing in yourself and your dog, because what you do today will affect how you’ll feel in ten or more years. Taking the time to move more comfortably now can reduce wear and tear to joints and muscles in the future. In a nutshell, it’s never too early to start feeling younger.

But it’s also never too late to start! Several of the dogs portrayed in this book were at an advanced age with a poor prognosis when I met them. But yet they improved their abilities considerably. These plucky dogs taught me that regardless of age or physical condition, you can improve your quality of life. This is true for humans and canines alike.

With this book in hand, you no longer have to choose between spending quality time with your dog and taking care of yourself. As you do the basic techniques with your dog, you may discover that your body moves more freely, your mind is calmer and clearer, and your spirit more joyful.

*How many pages is the book?

*What age group is the book targeted to?
Adults, although teenage dog lovers will enjoy it too.

*Anything special coming up in 2015(events, book signing etc.)?
June 6, 2015 – Grow Young with Your Dog workshop in San Diego, CA
Summer 2015 (date to be determined) – Grow Young with Your Dog workshop in New York, NY (Manhattan)

What is your training?
A Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (GCFP), I graduated from the four-year professional Feldenkrais Method® training program in 1996. The development of Debono Moves was greatly informed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ pioneering work for people. My studies have also included anatomy, behavioral science, massage, acupressure and other energetic techniques. For more than 20 years I have worked full-time with equine, canine, feline and human clients, ranging in condition from severely disabled to high-performing athletes. Witnessing my clients’ improvements – many quite dramatic – has helped shape my understanding of what is possible.

What makes Debono Moves unique?
It was created specifically to benefit both the dog and the human at the same time.

Why do you do this?
I love teaching people how to help their animals – and themselves – move out of stress and pain and into harmony and vitality. It’s a great feeling to empower people and see such happy animals!

What bit of advice do you want to leave our readers with?
Be open to new possibilities. Instead of believing that life is a downhill slide into difficulty and deterioration, empower yourself by learning how you can improve your health and vitality and that of your canine companions.

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  1. chasingdogtales says:

    I just started reading this book but need to logon to the website and watch the videos to get a better idea of how to do some of the techniques. Mary’s stories about how she was able to help many of her client’s dogs are truly amazing and I’m really anxious to see how this can help Haley with her arthritis issues. Great interview!

  2. Preston Radsek says:

    This book can help you and your dog feel better at any age! WINNER – Best Health Book – 2015 San Diego Book Awards Mary Debono describes how she has helped dogs heal completely from injuries and surgeries, move well despite arthritis and hip dysplasia, recover from a paralyzing stroke and run and play again after being classified as too old to recover.

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