Book Review – Grow Young With Your Dog

I have had the opportunity to review the book “Grow Young With Your Dog” and let me tell you, this is a very informative book complete with photos, and you will also get access to descriptive online videos & audio clips. Mary Debono is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

What is that you ask? The Feldenkrais Method, often referred to simply as “Feldenkrais”, is a somatic educational system designed by Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984). Feldenkrais aims to reduce pain or limitations in movement, to improve physical function, and to promote general wellbeing by increasing students’ awareness of themselves and by expanding students’ movement repertoire” (Paragraph Credit: Wikipedia).

I am a big believe in a healthy mind, spirit and body(I do have a large sugar tooth though). I have taken many many  classes over the past two years, specifically before my wedding in 2014. I cannot tell you how important it is to take time out of your busy day to calm your mind and stretch your body and I completely agree with it allowing you to grow younger!

IMG_6085Title: Grow Young With Your Dog
Author: Mary Debono
Published: Ruby Red Press

Cost: $9.97 for the Kindle edition
$14.97 for the paperback edition

Where to Purchase
– Amazon: Click Here
– The Feldenkrais Store: Click Here
– Barnes & Noble: Click Here

Want to learn more about Grow Your With Your Dog?
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What age would be appropriate to read this?
Adults & teenage animal lovers.

What do I like about the illustrations and do the illustrations go with what is being said on those pages?
I like that there are a lot of photos throughout the book, I am a visual person when it comes to learning, so it makes it easier to envision what exactly is going on and they most definitely go with what is being said on those pages.

Is the cost of the book worth it?
ABSOLUTELY, the wealth of information packed into the book is astonishing, it also comes with links to 55 minutes of online video and 3 ½ hours of online audio instruction.

Favorite line in the book?
It would have to be actually a point form paragraph from the beginning of the book,

“using gentle contact and supportive movements, you will learn how to:
-Reduce stress & anxiety
-Minimize the risk of injury
-Comfort the aging and infirm
-Improve athletic performance
-Enhance vitality & well-being
-Facilitate health after injury, surgery or illness
-Cultivate a deep bond between human & canine
-Lessen the effects of arthritis, hip dysplasia and aging.
(Paragraph Credit, Page 2-3 of Grow Young With Your Dog)

IMG_6084Final Thoughts?
Rolo has been showing his signs of aging very well especially with his hips & joints. There was a time where he needed daily cool & hot treatments as well as medication to help him. I did also give daily massages, but really I had no idea what to do or how to do it. Was I really making a difference or making it worse. This book has opened my eyes as to what I can do with him and for him to make his life more enjoyable, or as the book states “Grow Younger” with your dog. I NOW know what to do while I give him massages! My most favorite “Debono Moves” to do with Rolo would have to be the: hind quarter muscle rolls and also the shoulder & hip circles. There are sections in the book about YOU as a pet parent. Teaching you techniques that you can do on your body to keep it loose & stress free along with your dogs.

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