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Today Rolo is reviewing two different types of handmade Lucky Dog Biscuits; Cheesy Pleasers & Peanut Butter Barkies. Rolo knows that his mom is not a good baker..No bake dog cookies come out perfect, ones that go into the oven…not a chance; burnt & broken. I really have no idea why because both of my parents are amazing bakers & cooks! (I guess the gene didn’t get passed down to me) but this is exactly why the experts have taken over and are making dog treats. No mess in your kitchen, no time wasted shopping for ingredients or freaking out because you forgot an ingredients.

IMG_6160Come Connect With Lucky Dog Biscuits;

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Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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Comments: Everyone knows how much I love peekaboo packaging! I love being able to see how big the product is and what it looks like. They came out perfectly; no cracked edges, nothing burnt (unlike my baking). The back of the bag had all the ingredients on it, but with this company say your pet is allergic to something, they can substitute it for something else. It’s all about creating something custom for your pet.

IMG_6159Want to learn more about these two products?
Cheesy Pleasers –> Click Here
Peanut Butter Barkies –> Click Here

Smell & Taste Test by Rolo
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As I opened each bag up, you got a whiff of either cheese or peanut butter. YUM! Rolo’s two favorite things! Rolo when we first got him he would take his epilepsy medication inside of cheese. Rolo loved them as you can tell from the photo at the end, licking all the crumbs off of his face, as he is a messy eater, but you can see for yourself what Rolo thought of them as well will be uploading a video to our Facebook page: later on today. Stay Tuned!

Creativity of Product

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I can only imagine what it is like having a dog who has allergies, and it seems more and more common to this day. I know a few dogs who couldn’t have some treats due to the ingredients in them. Like former FMSPCA resident; Toby the handsome Bull Terrier( who got adopted a while back after a few years in the shelter).  Lucky dog biscuits also allows you to substitute an ingredient if you pet has allergies to it. BUT if your like Rolo and don’t have any allergies, the biscuits are perfect for just everyday eating.. just simple, healthy & delicious!

All products I bake come from natural, whole foods.  You’ll see that none of my recipes include wheat, corn or soy.  This is because so many of the dogs I know have sensitivities to these foods and their tummies deserve better, substantial nutrients.  With these ingredient listings, you know exactly what you’ll be getting before you buy.  That way, you can ensure you pick the perfect biscuit that suits your pup’s preferences and needs.  There are no surprises here, and what is listed is exactly what goes into these biscuits, never more or less. (Paragraph Credit:

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Final Thoughts:
Rolo & I are pawsitively happy with these products! We have worked so hard to get him to drop some much-needed weight that treats with amazing health ingredients are perfect for him, to keep the weight off and not gain any more. Now I know you are all wondering where can you get your paws on these treats? Right Here —>

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received two packages of Lucky Dog Biscuits for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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