Almost Dancing with #wild #animals

Rolo and I love going out exploring behind our house in Fort McMurray as there is a trail system nearly 20 steps Untitledaway from us. I do prefer walking back there in the winter as its peaceful and the bears are sleeping. Normally I do bring bear spray and a little pocket knife with myself for safety as a precaution. The one time that I didn’t, something could have happened, which may have ended badly with an injury to myself, Rolo or both of us but thankfully we came home unharmed. Rolo and I set out on our little walk stopping various times to take some photos. We continued on down the pathway that lines the houses, woods on one side, houses on the other. We made it to our mark and turned around. Rolo’s sniffer was going crazy as always, so it really was like any other walk we have gone on. The area of town that I live in has it’s very own Facebook page, we always stay up to date with whats going on in the area, whether its garage sales, people out vandalizing or lost pets. It’s a great place for information.

Well just 5 minutes after we got home, someone posted that there was a pack of wolves that headed down right where we were, then headed into the bushes. Could have been wolves, could have been coyotes but still a wild animal is a wild animal and you should always take precaution, no matter what! I sat there thinking, what if? What if it was a pack of some sorts that ran into Rolo and I and started to surround us? Let me tell you, I wouldn’t care what type of animal it was, I would be there making sure they didn’t lay a paw on Rolo! Momma Bear instincts would kick in! No one knows what would have gone on and I am ever so thankful that we didn’t have a run in with whatever they were, especially a pack! It’s best to do your research online as to what to do with specific animals in your area.

IMG_6262What can you do while walking in the bush?
1. Do not wear headphones.
2. Make noise; talk loudly or sing.
3. Let someone know where you are going.
4. Bring along some bear spray.
5. Keep pets leashed.
6. Bring Cellphone, if service available.
7. Carry Bear Bells.

IMG_6276What can you do if you meet a wild animal in the bush?
1. First & foremost, Do NOT Panic and do NOT run.
2. Give the animal a way out, do not block an exit.
3. Slowly Back Away, backwards.

If you find the predator coming closer with interest, it’s time to intimidate by using noise and body language. Put your arms up in the air to make yourself look bigger.  Nearby stick? Grab it. Anything to protect yourself. Hopefully you or I do not ever run into an animal in the wild but it’s always best to be prepared and brush up on some information just in case. Stay Safe Everyone!

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