Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

I have a special place in my heart for every single animal who has made an impact on my life, whether it was one I used to visit at the shelter, a friend’s pet or even my own like; Stewart, Sparkles, Shadow, Piggy and of course my dear girl Sparky. She was my sister, best friend, keeper of secrets, shoulder to cry on, and most of all family. I don’t regret anything that has ever happened in my life except ONE THING! It is that I left her to move to Fort McMurray for work. I worked shift work (21 days on 7 off) and with those 7 off I would go home to BC to see her and my dad. It seems that every time I returned to work my dad would tell me how weak/bad Sparky is getting for instance not being able to hold her bowels and getting sick all of the time. I returned home after my shift and she acted fine, she acted as if nothing was wrong. Some may say I am crazy but I’m 100% sure she knew that I needed her to be strong while I was home so she put on an act. This went on for quite some time, I treasured each day I had with her and before I would head back to work I would cuddle her and tell her to as silly as this seems “stay alive for me” as I couldn’t bare having her leave me. I didn’t think that the last time I was home and said those words to her would really be the last time I would say that to her.
PicMonkey Collage1I was up at work and my dad called me after I finished my shift telling me that Sparky had to be put down as she had just went downhill and there was no way to come back up. I couldn’t describe to anyone the pain I felt that day which continues to this day. I locked myself into my camp room for a few days and wouldn’t eat, drink or do anything but be sad. I would give anything to have one more day with her. I know everyone always has the fear of having someone you love leave you. Its something very hard and takes a lot of strength to return to normal but I will say that it does get easier and one thing that made me finally come to terms with that she was gone was getting a memorial tattoo on my foot (seen in the photo below). Every time I see it I smile as I remember all of the great times we had growing up. If you have this fear about adopting an animal don’t let this stop you from saving another life. Sparky’s memory will always live on and I will always continue to ADOPT animals without the fear of losing them. I want my furfamily members to live the best life they could possibly live!
PicMonkey Collage3

There is an online Facebook event going on right now where you can post a photo of the ones that have journeyed to the rainbow bridge. Click Here –> https://www.facebook.com/events/738793802913708/

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7 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

  1. Caren Gittleman says:

    oh this was beautiful. I am so sorry about Sparky. I agree with you that yes, Sparky was trying to act strong for YOU but it has to be beyond hard for you still, because you never got to experience that closure.
    I think a tattoo is a beautiful way of honoring Sparky.
    Sending you comforting (((((hugs)))) and love today.

  2. debbarnes says:

    Thank you for sharing – your post was so beautifully heartfelt. And thank you so much for participating in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day – xoxo from Deb, Mr. Jazz, Purr Prints of the Heart and the Zee/Zoey Gang

  3. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    Beautiful post Kimberley. Sparky received the greatest gift, your love. Yesterday marked the anniversary of my beloved Mickey Moo Man passing. Before him I said good bye to my sweet Desta Bella who I found in the snow (5 weeks old) just a few weeks after saying good bye to my sweet devoted Chelsey Moana Beasta (our Logo is a sketch of her). Love never ends. They do live on in our hearts & memories.

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