Indoor Rainy Day Activities

I hope the weather where you are is nice because it’s raining cats & dogs here today in Fort McMurray. What am I going to do about it to keep Rolo occupied?  Well we are going to share some fun ideas  to keep your pets entertained while it’s raining outside like; hide n seek, doing some nose work, indoor fetch, catch up on grooming and taking some time to brush up on tricks or teach a new one! See below for details and links to videos of Rolo.
Rolo and I love playing hide n seek so much that we usually play it on a daily basis. We live in a townhouse so we have 3 floors to work with. Normally Rolo will be on one floor and I will to another level and shout out his name. He always looks for me. If he can’t find me within a certain amount of time he usually lets out a little squeak which is basically him saying “MOM! Where Are You?!”. By this time I chuckle and he hears me. I’ve tried covering my mouth but sound still comes out. He than finds me and starts squeaking. Click the links below to be taken to our Facebook Page to see two videos of Rolo & I playing hide n seek;
Video One
Video Two

Well Rolo doesn’t like playing with toys but I know many of you have a pet that do. Head on over to a hallway and give that ball or toy a toss for them. I always kick the ball for Beatrice and she will bring it right back and wait for me to kick it again. You can even stand on the stairs and chuck it to each landing (but be careful of course on the stairs). This way they are still getting some exercise in. OK have you all heard of the ifetch? This is such a neat invention! Your dog drops the ball into it, and it launches away!
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I love the sound Rolo’s sniffer makes when it’s at work. One rainy weekend we started doing some nose work, as we have just started this we worked on being able to find the treat near by. You can than work to larger areas like hiding treats in boxes and they would need to show you that there is treats inside that box in order to get them. Click the links below to be taken to our Facebook Page to see a video of Rolo & I doing some blindfolded sniffer work (ok he is wearing a blanket haha not a blindfold);
Video One

Rainy days are perfect for getting in some grooming. As Rolo is a GSD x Husky he has the double coat which is great for shedding. It’s everywhere in my house and I only dedicate one day a week, normally Sundays to vacuuming it all up otherwise I would be at it every single day! I try to brush him once a week as well. The Furminator is an amazing brush to get our his undercoat. For the thicker top coat we use a Kong Zoom Groom brush. I also get in some ear cleaning and nail trims as well! OK a rainy day is basically a spa day, pets need pampering too!
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I am all about teaching Rolo new tricks, after all he didn’t know many when we adopted him. We have been working on lots of them and the newest one is “Touch”. For the beginning he would lick my hand but now he has got the touch part down pat. Click the links below to be taken to our Facebook Page to see two videos of Rolo & I practicing the “touch” trick;

Video One
Video Two

**What do you do to stay busy with your pets on a rainy day?
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