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Good Morning Friends! Today on our blog we are featuring three of our all time favorite pet quotes! One of my favorite quotes that I live by is “Life’s to short to be anything but happy” and for those who see me in person know that I am a very cheerful, bubbly, outgoing person. That quote describes my life! First off I want to thank Spencer the Goldendoodle for nominating us to take part in the Quote Hop. Stop by Spencer’s page and show him some love! —> www.spencerthegoldendoodle.blogspot.com and now onto my three most favorite pet quotes. Hope you enjoy them!

1. “I gave you my house when you were alone. When I walk through that door, it now feels like home. Tail wagging & waiting, our bond quickly grew. Such unconditional love, now who rescued who?” ~ Author Unknown

2. “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, obviously never owned a dog” ~ Author Unknown

3. “The road to my heart is paved with pawprints” ~ Author Unknown

The rules of the Quote Hop are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Post three of your favorite quotes (this can be done all in one post or on three consecutive days).
3. Nominate 3 bloggers and challenge them.

The three pet bloggers that I have picked to take part in this are:
1. Lara, Ruby & Boca from Rubicon Days —> http://myrubicondays.blogspot.ca/
2. Robin, Cinco & Manna from Playful Kitty —> http://www.playfulkitty.net/
3. Dorothy, Gibson, Bandit, Harley, Wolf & Chloe —> http://www.fivesibes.blogspot.ca/

Do you have a favorite quote? Share it with us.

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