Tips for taking Fall Photos of your Pets.


I love taking photos of my dog, if you could see my iPhone, in the gallery I would say 96% are photos of Rolo. We love taking themed photos and I always get asked how I get him to sit so well for the camera. Well one thing that makes it super easy to take photos of him is that he is super food motivated. If I got a treat in my hand he will do anything I say to get that treat! I want to share some tips on how to take some good fall photos with you pet. This photo is from fall 2014. He is sitting a little awkward in this photo but I love the contrast of the leaves and his fur! Will get out for some fall 2015 photos soon, just waiting on the leaves to turn color a little more.

1897998_479076435567942_1794945212556235292_nTips for taking good Fall Photos;
1. Pick a pet friendly location.
2. Bring ways to get your pets attention, could be treats, squeaky toys,a ball, their favorite shoe..
3. If your pet isn’t off leash trained, I would advise to keep on a leash.
4. Iphone Tip! Want to snap lots of photos in a few seconds; hold down the button you use to snap a pic, it will take multiple photos.
5. Try doing some editing, I love using Its free, simple and makes photos look amazing!

Do you have any tips for taking some good Fall photos of your pet(s)? Share them with us below.


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3 thoughts on “Tips for taking Fall Photos of your Pets.

  1. Dakota/Caren/Cody says:

    those are some great tips and I do use some of them.
    Picmonkey is great but my main “go-to” is for me, it is more “user-friendly” than picmonkey. Another one I love for posting on instagram is Fotor. They are the only app I have found where you can add text on the photo from your phone and post it (for your blog name, etc)
    I read a great idea on a cat blog yesterday. The woman bought some remnants of fabric with fall leaves on them and posed her animals on that. I thought that was so clever!

  2. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    Great Post! Love the pic of Rolo!

    Fall is one of the best seasons to shoot in; the lighting is so perfect.

    Yesterday I transferred all my pics from my phone again & within 4 hours I had already snapped 40 photos & had taken 3 videos :)

    Like Dakota/Caren/ Cody I like using Fotor but I will check out PicMonkey.


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