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Today on our blog we are featuring an adorable adoptable who has been in SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society) care since 2007, yes you read that right! This boy needs come social media attention, his forever home IS our there and we need to help him find it. So if you could take one minute of your day and share this post with all of your friends it would be greatly appreciated. #foster #volunteer #adopt #donate #share

Well his name is of course Bart but his full name is Barthalamu but everyone calls him “Party Barty”. He is 9 years old  boxer x akita but everyone says he looks like an over sized jack russell terrier(i agree). Bart is neutered and walks well on a leash but will pull if permitted to. He is good with kids (but he likes to hoard toys), adult men and also women. He likes dogs but can be selective towards males (same with Rolo) and he is OK with indoor, calm with a controlled introduction.

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*Any interesting stories about this adoptable?
Once when attending an adoption event Bart did steal a hot dog right out of a child’s hand. We do not hold this against him as it was directly at his eye level. Bart is very food motivated, and hot-dogs are a favorite. (Rolo says thats a very good favorite to have!)

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Bart2-283x425*What type of home would this adoptable most suit into?
Bart tended to wander in his younger days so a home with a fenced yard is a must. He would love to have a doggie girlfriend to keep him company.

*Any other information you think we should know about this adoptable?
Bart is a fun-loving, sweet dog. He will opt out of very busy situations after he is done – usually about 1-2 hours at an adoption event and he becomes bored with all the fun and would like to relax with a toy. Bart is house and crate trained.

*If someone wanted to put in an adoption application, how can they do that?
They can visit Bart’s profile on our webpage and follow the “Adopt Me” link.


I want to share Bart’s Story;
“Bart came into rescue on September 27, 2007. You did not read that wrong. 2007. So very shortly we will mark Bart’s 8th year in the care of rescue. What causes a dog to remain un-adopted for so long? At first there were reasons, Bart liked to run around town chasing small things, cats and dogs. He was young, had lots of energy and needed some time to learn life lessons. He worked through training, learning how to socialize with all dogs (and some cats), learning how to listen to his person and respect certain important rules. After some time he progressed, mellowed out, settled into his new life in foster care. Became, truly, a very adoptable guy. But then began the heart breaking journey of just plain bad luck.

Despite all of his progress, the right match is always out of reach. Bart has had countless ‘meet and greets’, attended many adoption events, appeared on TV. He has even been the ‘face’ of SCARS social media accounts for the last few months. Bart has received applications and been recommended to suitable homes. But… it never works out. Sometimes the family just isn’t the right fit. Often potential adopters fall in love with a different dog. We don’t think this really bothers Bart, he has a blast meeting new people and dogs, but it affects the people who love him… It is very hard to watch him get passed over, time after time. Bart is highly adoptable; he should not be living out his life in foster care.

We know that Bart deserves a home of his very own and we need your help to find it. ‘Party Barty’ is getting older. He would like a home with a couch to cuddle on, a fenced yard, a doggy girlfriend if possible. Children would be fun too, and owners who understand that if you leave your steak unattended beside the BBQ it is Bart’s steak, and if the kids leave their toys out they are now Bart’s toys, he will hoard these fun things in piles near his bed.” (Paragraph Credits:

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