International Pet Blogging Month {Part 2}

As today winds up the last day of International Pet Blogging Month(September), we are featuring another pet blogger! Welcome Carol; blogger extraordinaire! She and her adorable dog Dexter run the blog; Fidose of Reality® and they even have a fundraising portion of their blog called Wigglebutt Warriors® that is also ran along side Carol’s wife Darlene. No time to waste let’s learn all about Carol!

FidoseFacebookCover1. When did you start pet blogging and why?
Dogs are kids to me and I’ve always said, “my heart beats dog.” So when I decided to switch careers several years ago, I knew in my heart and gut that incorporating blogging into my life was a must. I was hired by a dog magazine in order to increase their social media numbers and create a blog for them. As a result of the blog and presence on Twitter and Facebook, their numbers grew by the thousands within months. Under my blog management and leadership, we won a dog blogger award within one year of the blog’s formation. I am very proud of this. Since moving on to bigger and brighter things, I formed my own canine-centric online magazine dog blog where dog lovers of the highest order unite™, Fidose of Reality. Not your ordinary dog lover blog: Fidose of Reality is all about extraordinary dog lovers. I have always been a writer, so blogging was a natural evolution for me. (Above Photo Credit: Carol from Fidose of Reality)

2. How would you describe your blog to someone?
Fidose of Reality is a health and wellness resource for dog lovers of the highest order. I trademarked the quote my heart beats dog and then founded Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising arm of the blog, with my wife.

3. Tell us something about you?
I’m Carol Bryant and My heart beats dog. I said that quote aloud several years ago and loved it so much that I trademarked it. A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced me when I appeared on Oprah Radio a few years ago. There is no higher compliment than that to describe me.

My career is in the pet industry because it never feels like work to me: It’s a passion. Helping people become better at who they are, educating pet parents about wellness and safety, and sharing knowledge of pet products, are all elements of my PR and Marketing life. Full time, I am the PR and Marketing Manager for BlogPaws. WPIN DSC_2-7904-Edit 339-(ZF-8177-46799-1-001)tatooCarolWins
(Above Photo Credits: Carol from Fidose of Reality)
I am the founder of Fidose of Reality, a canine-centric online magazine dog blog and you may have seen my byline over the years in numerous pet pub
lications, from Hamptons Pet to Dogster, Pet360, and American Cocker Network. As a repeat finalist for a Dog Writers Association award, I am forever a bridesmaid, but I know I’m doing something I love: Writing about dogs.  Speaking of bridesmaids,I finally legally married my now wife in June of 2014 after 22 years together. Hallejuah marriage equality! She surprised me and swept me off my feet.

Official_logoTogether, Darlene and I formed Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality. In just under three years, we’ve raised over $50,000 for homeless dogs . Darlene’s heart beats dog, too. Our next event takes place in April of 2016, and we’re celebrating Wigglebutts Uncorked at America’s Oldest Winery. 

No synopsis of who I am is complete with the furry inspiration who sits at my feet, on my lap, and whose tattoo resides on my skin every day: Dexter. This affable, laughable, sweet boy is carrying the torch ignited by the one who came before, Brandy Noel. Losing her after 15 years, I promised myself “never again.” Dexter is my never again. I now know I can never not love this way again. (Above Photo Credit: Carol from Fidose of Reality)

Big news for me is I won the Advocate of the year from the Women in the Pet Industry 2015!

4. Any major events coming up soon for you and your blog?
Oh yes, many;
In addition to Wigglebutts Uncorked, ( just launched a completely updated blog and on a new private server; I hired 2 Dogs Design to do the blog and I am so excited. I also really did something over the top fun and exciting! (Below Photo Credit: Carol from Fidose of Reality)

centralpaI got my third permanent tattoo of our logo emblazoned on my skin recently: and I am so excited. This logo coincides with the launch of our dogs lovers store, which will be presented live in person at Fido’s Festival ( on October 3, 2015, in Columbus, New Jersey. The online store opens a day after that. I’d love to meet everyone at the festival.

On October 18th, I will be at The Central PA Pet Expo ( in Altoona, PA – so come on out and meet us.

We are guest speaking at the Dog Writer’s Association Dinner ( in New York City – come listen in and learn!

5. Best advice you could give for someone wanting to start up a pet blog?

So many feel social media is a threat and they run from it. I don’t think social media has even begun to reach its peak yet. The sky’s the social limit. Believe in yourself, do your homework, and stick to a schedule. Come to BlogPaws yearly conference and join the BlogPaws Community. There are fellow bloggers who are willing to help and provide advice. We’ve all been new at one time. Most days, I feel like a newbie and just jumping into the waters. Most importantly, never stop learning. Set goals and make them doable.

beach26. Do you have any pets?
Oh yes, Dexter is my heartbeat at my feet and he is the muse for a lot of what I do. He is my second Cocker Spaniel. My first, Brandy Noel, is my forever mighty dog and eternally missed. Folks who have loved and lost a pet know that you never get “over” it – you just learn the cold hard reality of living with it. My Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom post can be found here.
(Photo Credit: Carol from Fidose of Reality)

7. Where are you from?
Northeastern Pennsylvania born and raised

Come Connect With Carol & Dexter!
Periscope: @FidoseofReality
PS Fun fact: Jimmy Fallon follows my @CarolNBryant account on Twitter!

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