Teach Me How to Doggy.

You heard me right, teaching a dog how to be a dog. Every dog I have had has barked, snuggled, slept on my bed and played with toys. Rolo on the other hand has been the complete opposite and I have been slowly (like really slow) warming him up to the idea of acting more like a dog. I really think in a past life he was a human. I really only want him to be able to snuggle at the foot of the couch while watching a movie with me, that is my ultimate goal! Let me tell you, I am getting closer and closer to that goal(it has only been about 4 years in the making). As the last thing I want to do is stress Rolo out so we only work on this maybe a few times a month, that’s why it has taken so long.

These photos above are from the past few days. I have made it so that Rolo sits on the couch for around 20 minutes at a time! How have I been able to do this, just three simple ways;
1. Praise; Rolo feeds off of good praise
2. Treats; along with the praise he also receives training treats
3. Petting; a good butt scratch goes a long way

When Rolo also jumps off the couch I don’t get mad at him(ok I could never ever get mad at that adorable furry face!) because he is telling me that he has had enough and we should try again another time. I guarantee that soon we will make it all that way up to watching a full movie on the couch together!

Is there something that your dog doesn’t do that you find strange?
Let us know with a comment below.


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