Business Spotlight – Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

We are so excited to introduce to you our next business that is being spotlighted on our blog. Let’s all give a warm welcome to Rolo’s EPI Friend; Olivia from Knotty Toys for Good Dogs! We had a lot of fun sharing these toys with Rolo’s BFF’s Beatrice & Kit (Stay Tuned Product Review to follow). Did you know that all of their
products are Eco-friendly, all natural, non toxic and handmade in Canada. Hemp is stronger than other natural fibers and 100% biodegradable. It’s also resistant to molds and mildew, so no worries if the dog leaves a Knotty Toy in the rain. The strong hemp fibers of a Knotty Toy will clean your dog’s teeth as it chews. There are no dyes or chemicals in a Knotty Toy. Also Hemp will not harm your dog if eaten. (Paragraph Credit:

** Not to mention you will be helping out dogs
with Canine Epilepsy just like R
olo as $1.00
from each toy sold will be donated
to the Wally Foundation! **

11760132_913478262044787_2300719318886609206_n*What is the name of this business?
Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

*Who is filling out this interview?
Our CEO Olivia

*How long have you been with the company for?
Since day one. I’m the catalyst for the inception of Knotty Toys For Good Dogs.
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*How long has this business been around for?
We are in our first year.

*Why was it started?
Like Rolo, I live with canine epilepsy. My HuMom was looking for a safe all natural alternative to synthetic & cotton dog toys. She discovered hemp rope & started making toys. I loved them & so did my canine & feline furiends.

*Do you have any animals?
I live with my dog furiend Suzie Q, my cat furiends Misty & Dottie & my pig furiends GG & MiG

*What do you specialize in? 
Currently, we handcraft hemp tug/pull & chew toys for good dogs. Soon we will be making hemp toys for good cats too. We also have had a request for bird toys. Our future plans include many more hemp items from blankets to collars & harnesses.

exported-group-1-edit-2redfrane*What makes you different from other companies?
For starters, our company is run by a dog & we market to the dog, not the human. Dogs don’t care about what color a toy is or what celebrity endorsed it.   Our interest is in what it smells like? How’s the chew? And how much fun it is? That’s what dogs care about.

*What is the company’s mission?
To provide a safe, healthy alternative to synthetic toys. To spread Canine Epilepsy Awareness. To help end BSL everywhere. To promote the philosophy, “adopt, don’t shop”. (Photo Credit:

*What is the price range?
$8.50 to $20.00 Canadian.

*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of your company?
We can be reached by email & telephone.

*Any special events coming up for you this year?
We observe November Epilepsy Awareness Month & will be increasing our charity donations. We also will be participating in many of the Canine Epilepsy Awareness campaigns.

10947195_820831894642758_3718195728519325004_n*What inspires you?
Our inspiration comes from our love & good health for all dogs & the delight of bringing joy to our fur friends.

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2015?
Initially we started strictly as an E-commerce business but will be moving into retail as well as wholesale. We would like to see our products as source for charitable fundraising.

*Do you do any charity work?
Yes! For every Knotty Toy sold we donate $1.00 to the Wally Foundation. We have also donated toys to a couple of wonderful charity organizations, Taitan’s Toy Box & Funds for Furbabies Auction Group. (Photo Credit:

Come Connect with Knotty Toys for Good Dogs;

Twitter: @knottytoys4GD
Pinterest: is under construction & we hope to have it completed in the next coming week.
Google+: knottytoys4gooddogs
Tumblr: knotty-toys-for-good-dogs

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